Sempervivum(Hen & Chicks)

Sempervivum is a genus of flowering plants in family Crassulaceae, commonly known as "live forever" and "hen and chicks". They are low growing evergreen succulent plants that look a little like rubbery roses. They are easily grown outdoors with full...
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Sempervivum 'Grey Lady' (4 inch)

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-About Sempervivum 'Grey Lady'-Sempervivum 'Grey Lady' is a succulent variety hybridized from S. 'Silverine.' The large rosette with silvery green leaves and slender, smooth leaves with downy edges. Sempervivum succulent...
Sempervivum Arachnoideum

Sempervivum Arachnoideum

-About Sempervivum arachnoideum-Sempervivum arachnoideum, sometimes called hens-and-chicks. It is an evergreen perennial succulent plant, forming a mat of the fleshy rosette. The fleshy leaves are adorned with cobwebby white hair...
Sempervivum calcareum (4 inch)

Sempervivum calcareum (4 inch)

-About Sempervivum calcareum-Sempervivum calcareum, the Sempervivum succulent, also asked as hens and chicks. The hardy succulent with blue-green leaves and red-to-purple tips looks charming. Sempervivum calcareum is a low-maintenance succulent...
Sempervivum 'Stansfieldii'

Sempervivum 'Stansfieldii'

-More Information-Primary color: greenSecondary color: red/ brownCold hardiness: zone 5a (from -20F)Product format: 2" potSuitability: balcony, Window, GardenPropagation: stem cutting, leaf, seedSpecial characteristic: easy to propagate, pet safe