Potting Mix for Vegetables and Herbs, 4Q


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  • The Next Gardener organic potting mix is blended with premium imported sphagnum peat and forest gold for a wide of vegetables and herbs, like tomato, lettuce, pepper, mint, basil, squash, cucumber, carrots, and other food plants.
  • This organic professional potting soil mix is pH balanced, lightweight, specially formulated for fast root development, and help build strong roots for healthy, vigorous plants.
  • Use The Next Gardener Potting Mix for even more harvest of fresh organic vegetables and herbs, make it possible to enjoy fresh vegetables without going out to market.
  • Premium Quality Blend which holds and releases water and helps soil easily rewet, combining key elements plants need to thrive, also great for general indoor houseplants.
  • This potting soil is packed in a small reusable sealing bag. For large amount use, please mix with gardening soil or together with multi bags.

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