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Adromischus Cooperi v. Festivus (4 inch) (Rare)

-About Adromischus Cooperi v. Festivus-Adromischus Cooperi v. Festivus has an interesting name is Plover Eggs Plant. It is a dwarf succulent with short stems and oval leaves. The leaf of...
Adromischus Antidorcatum (4 inch) (Limited)

Adromischus Antidorcatum (4 inch) (Limited)

-About Adromischus Antidorcatum-Adromischus Antidorcatum is a rare succulent with upright olive-shaped leaves. The pattern on the leaves of Adromischus Antidorcatum is very beautiful, accompanied by dense small bumps. You can...
Adromischus Cooperi (4 inch)

Adromischus Cooperi (4 inch)

-About Adromischus Cooperi-Adromischus cooperi is a Crassulaceae succulent, originally from South Africa. They are short and compact, with taupe stems. The leaves are shovel-shaped, the upper portion of the leaves...