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Organic Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix is the best!l

I was very hesitant to transplant my 29 year old Christmas cactus for fear of losing it. But after pruning it way back (that was scary) and using this soil, it has a new lease on life. It is doing amazingly well and is truly happy for the first time in a long time. And that makes ME very happy! Thank you for a great product that delivers on its promise!

Update of my Purple Delight after 2 weeks

They are growing very well … looks so healthy .
At this day, they are receiving morning sun in my patio…
Can’t wait to repot them soon…
Thank you and I’m very happy with all the succulents 💕

Clean soil

I only order this soil mix because it arrives "clean." The soil is dry and contains no mildew, mold or insects. All other bagged soils i have tried have those issues. So I use this mix with all of my houseplants, whether succulent or not. Only issue is it would be nice if the bag did not arrive covered with dirt on the outside.

12 Pack of Rosette Succulents(6 Varieties)

Price is good but I wish they were dry before sending.

Lots of the succulent's soils were super wet making the bottom leaves rot. Some had half the leaves rot or dry leaving me with a not so pretty succulent after cleaning them up. The melaco was really etiolated. Half of the succulents were bone dry and half were soaked in water. Shipping was fast. It was well packaged. Hard to clean when getting succulents in pots since soil is everywhere. Some cosmetic damage. I didn't expect much from a cheap bundle anyway. I should've hand picked what I wanted. The selection wasn't quite colorful but not bad. I'll probably purchase what I want individually next time.

Hi, sorry for the issue you met. We already report your suggestion to the gardeners. They will pay more attention to that. Glad to know you like the selection. Hope see you again soon.

x Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose'
Orlenda Enamorado
Beatiful ’Lovely Rose’

I’m so impressed with this Gorgeous Rosetta

Echeveria 'Puli-lindsayana'

Healthy plants

Plant was packaged well and in good shape.

Beautiful pots

Loved it totally!! Such beautiful pots for great value !!

I recommend this seller :)

Pretty plant. Packed well and shipped with care. I recommend this seller :)



Healthy plants

Great replies. Good instructions. Healthy plants. Packed very nicely. Fast shipping. Can’t wait to watch these babies grow !!! Good mix of colors and styles too I really enjoy them and am happy with what I got.

Will buy more!

This is great soil, and I could tell upon opening it, I would love it! Already repotted some succulents and they look stable so far! Will buy more of this soil as I want the best for my beautiful succulents! Thanks also for the fast shipping!

Echeveria Desmetiana de Smelt

Arrived in good condition. Excellent customer service.

Hi, sorry for this issue. Your replacement is on the way and hope this would make you feel satisfied.

x Graptoveria 'Lovely Rose'

Arrived in good condition. Excellent customer service.

Hi, sorry for this issue. Your replacement is on the way and hope this would make you feel satisfied.

My cactus and succulents seem to enjoy the soil

Packaging was a little messed up when I received it which worried me but so far my cactus and succulents seem to enjoy the soil

Hi, there are holes on the bag for good air circulation as the soil is organic. Glad to know it works!

Love it!

Love it!

Works great for my succulents

Arrived fast and first impressions look very promising. I ordered a fair quantity and the overall weight feels like nothing more than a small pillow weight wise. This stuff feels super light and fluffy...if you dive in and hand mix your soil. Lite and airy comes to mind working with this stuff. Time will tell and I'll have to see if this brings happiness to all my jade bonsai and other miniature creations.

Highly recommend

Super healthy, amazing succulent plants! They arrived well packaged and are thriving Highly recommend!

Hope more varieties for multipacks

I was hoping for fewer duplicates with a 30 pack, but I understand variety changes and I did get a good sampling of different colors. The post office took more than 2 days to deliver but the plants arrived in beautiful condition with virtually no damage.

Beautiful plant and came it great condition

Beautiful plant and came it great condition. Wonderful packing care.

They are growing roots

nicely packed, the cuttings have taken roots a couple of weeks later

Will be buying again

so happy! I was a little nervous buying online, but these beautiful succulents arrived very healthy and shipped very fast! will be buying again