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Muy hermosa, más grande de lo que esperaba y en perfectas condiciones

Está y todas las plantitas que pedí llegaron muy bonitas, , excelente servicio. Lo recomiendo.


Absolutely love my pink witch from TNG. now that o have it used to the sun it's looking soooo beautiful and healthy. Ty TNG for always sending me beautiful plants.

Muy contenta con mi nueva plantita

Estas hermosas plantitas le dan un toque especial a mi adición por las suculentas Muy buen servicio, lo recomiendo

Echeveria 'Chihuahuaensis'

Aeonium Maybach (4 inch)
Alexander Peterson
Eye-catching Beauty

Maybach's beauty is eye-catching. A standout in any setting!

Aeonium Aquaman
Sophia Hill
Succulent Jewel

Aquaman is a jewel in my collection. Love its beauty!

Beautiful Medusa

Received the plants in good condition. Love it


Cute but not Sheep

These are cute planters but they are Llamas, not sheep. They have long necks and South American style blankets that give them away...


The next Gardener 5 star

Aeonium 'Pink Witch'
Kristin Dembowski

Aeonium 'Pink Witch'

Succulents Love

Received in goood condition
Sadly thought they needed water from the long trip and now some yellowing and lose of leaves

Aeonium 'Medusa'
Maria Nancy matro
Aeonium Medusa

My Aeonium Medusa that I ordered is doing well… I love it… I will order more succulent soon and I trust you! my first order come on time! Thank you

Charming Charm

Pink Witch's charm is irresistible. A must-have!

Great Semp

It was gorgeous and arrived healthy.

Beautiful Pink Witch

I love it. So beautiful. Received it in good condition

Succulents arrived in great condition. Would order from this company again!

Succulent and Cactus Bonsai DIY Rocks, Black Galaxy

5 Stars!

So beautiful, received in great condition!

Beautiful Snow Bunny

I usually buy my succulents from big box stores but glad I found this site. My snow bunny arrived in perfect condition and is thriving !

Echeveria 'PikaChu'
Zoey Sullivan
PikaChu is a unique

PikaChu is a unique addition to my collection. Love its charm!

Teddy Bear is a charming succulent. Adds warmth to any room!

Teddy Bear is a charming succulent. Adds warmth to any room!


Arrived in great shape and very healthy. Love it!

Echeveria 'Doraemon'
Michelle Elsokary

This was much bigger than expected, love this shop’s various selections & plant quality.