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Nice plants

The plants arrived nicely packed I have them in the sunlight and all look well transplanting today.6


I received all 16 of my plants for 4 to die within days, truly was heartbroken. I followed the directions to a T. Like the variety on site

Echeveria Purpusorum
Cheryl McAdams

Love it! As always!

Plant is doing beautiful

Great plants

The plants were very well wrap, arrived in perfect condition.

I love my babies!

I’m so excited about my gift box. Thank you for the packaging omg I was worried until it arrived! I will be back soon!


I bought these for a gift. The shipping was fast and the box was well packed. Everything arrived in one piece and the included instructions were great.

Echeveria Suyon (6 inch)


Love it

Beautiful! Package very nicely

Beautiful succulent, it arrived package nicely.I ordered more the next eeek.

Titanopsis Calcarea
Yongie Raines
Fascinating Plant

I’ve been wanting one of these and saw them available here, so I got one and am so glad that I did.

Lovely Rose

Just as i expected!! So beautiful and healthy. Well packaged too

She’s beautiful

I love receiving packages from you. I know what’s inside survived the shipping. I received a Rosularia platyphylla. She is beautiful and well established. I have a vertical wall hanging where she will be the center of attention. Thank you for shipping such well cares for plants. I will definitely continue to order exclusively from your site.

Echeveria 'Tiramisu'
Isabel Nunez

Echeveria 'Tiramisu'

Beautiful plant

I love my blue apple elf from tng. Another bigger than I thought and many heads on it. Even came ready to flower which will be doing so anyway now. Beautiful color. Absolutely love this plant along with several others I purchased. I originally had one I lost to very cold weather. So glad I reordered this one again
It's even more beautiful. Very happy with TNG!! Ty.

Graptoveria Amethorum
Anneka Tomlinson
plants ordered

good day...I am unable to tell you how the plants are because I have still not recieved them as yet.

Love it

I got it and looks healthy. I'm really love it

Full and heathly


My Rosularia is full and healthy, resembles the advertised photo. I am very pleased.

Beautiful Swan Lake

Fast shipping! All succulents are very healthy and beautiful, exceeding our expectations.

Echeveria 'Suyon'
Sophie Stephens
Beautiful Succulent

Arrived during a very cold snap and I didn’t buy a heat pack but they all came of it well. I can’t wait until it is sunstressed to see the beautiful colors. It’s healthy and thriving.

Beautiful and amazing

I love Rosettes,so the 8 Assorted Rosettes is my favorite,but Maybe because the weather was too cold, some of them were melted when they were shipped.,

Dear customer,
Thanks for your review.
Succulents shipped at temperatures below 40℉ may be at risk of frost, so we offer our customers the heat pack option to protect the succulents. It is the responsibility of customers living in colder areas to purchase heat packs.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Beautiful colors

This plant is beautiful. It was wrapped nicely and arrived safe. Thank you

Echeveria Purple Butterfly
Virginia Wyngarden
Great plant!

A lovely and unusual plant -- very healthy and good size for the money!

Echeveria cv. Blue Apple/ Blue Elf (4 inch)

Echeveria 'Nebula'