Phillip, founder of The Next Gardener, started planting golden barrel cactus in 2002. During this time, succulents and cactus warmed and enlivened his spaces, helping him connect with the natural world. Watering his succulents in the warmth of the afternoon sun was the most relaxing time of day for him. Learning to identify and care for succulents brought him great joy and a feeling of achievement.


Fascinated by the unique shapes and colors of various cactus and succulents, he brought many varieties back from his travels to Japan, Korea, and China. For most plant lovers, succulents are considered low maintenance plants that offer a relaxing hobby and brighten the home or office. He wondered, why not share this “easily achievable” joy with others? This simple idea was the seed for what would become The Next Gardener.


Founded in 2017, The Next Gardener is more than an online succulents nursery. We offer expertise, passion, and attentive care. Every plant variety is hand selected for its unique qualities and every package contains our best wishes for you as you enjoy the exciting hobby that is succulent gardening. We know that packaging and shipping has a big impact on delivering high quality products through mail orders. Our goal is always to provide healthy succulents that have strong roots that can be tightly wrapped with the potting soil to protect the life of the plant and prevent unnecessary damage. We have tried many methods for successfully shipping our succulents, from small bags made of non-woven fabrics to hold the succulents, to packing them with shredded papers and air dunnage bags. Finally, we decided that polypropylene cotton, which can also be used as fillers for dolls, is the best filler for protecting live plants while in transit.


We have our own professional organic cactus soil available online. Phillip created a specialized soil recipe after traveling to Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands to learn first-hand from those who are experts in growing succulents. With the help of local gardeners, he has perfected the recipe and now uses the soil for our own succulents here at The Next Gardener. If you are hesitant to try our soil for your plants, perhaps you can purchase a small potted succulent first and check it out for yourself!


Our collection has expanded to over 650 different varieties of succulents and cactus. We ship year-around to the contiguous United States (Hawaii, Alaska, and territories are not included). Stay tuned as we continue to add more new and exciting items to our catalog, including planter pots and gardening tools! We love to interact with succulent lovers. Follow us on social media for the most up-to-date news and information.


Wondering what kind of succulents you have? Follow us on Instagram to send us photos of your plants. We will try our best to help you identify them.


colorful succulents echeverias potted