How We Pack and Ship

We pack all shipments by hand. 

Having experienced several years of shipping live succulents and cactus, we are always doing great on packing. All succulents are protected with polypropylene cotton, which can also be used as fillers for dolls and is the best filler for protecting live plants while in transit.

Shipping Speed

In general, 3 to 7 days. All orders will be shipped out 48 hours after your order. We ship the orders on work days( from Monday to Saturday) and all year round. In general conditions, it will take 3-7 days for you to receive the package. Estimate shipping is offered as your need.

HOLIDAYS: On a week including a holiday - Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc. - shipping may be delayed until the following week.

EXTREME WEATHER NOTICE: We reserve the right to hold shipments during storms or periods of extreme heat or cold.

Hawaii, Alaska, and Other US Territories


For Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other U.S. territories, the plants will be dead because of the long-time shipment. We don’t offer the shipment for these areas.

Hawaii is not appropriate for the free shipping condition. Due to numerous factors out of our control that delay transit to Hawaii, we will no longer guarantee orders that are delayed past 4 days in transit. The buyer will assume all damage risks when delivery is delayed. Thank you for your understanding.

Sorry. No International Shipping for now!!!