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Plant Labels, Black Marking Pen x 1

Plant Labels, Black Marking Pen x 1

From $6.95
Choosing plant labels that remain in place and readable through all kinds of weather will help you keep recording accurately. T shape top makes it easy to read, large enough...
Water Can With Long Nozzle, White

Nordic Elegant Watering Can

-About the Nordic Elegant Watering Can-The classic cream-white planter is designed with a sleek Scandinavian aesthetic in mind. It is the perfect garden tool to any indoor or outdoor garden.Designed with...
The Next Gardener Canvas Garden Apron

The Next Gardener Canvas Garden Apron

-About the Canvas Garden Apron- The Next Gardener canvas garden apron is a functional and practical accessory for any gardener or outdoor enthusiast. Made of high-quality canvas material, it offers durability and...
Monstrella Plant Trellis

Monsterella Shape Plant Climbing Support

-More information- Material: metal Color: black Styling: monsterella leaf Size: 10.62*21.85 inches Features: Inspired by the leaves of the Monstrella, a perfect match for indoor plants. The design of the...
Heat Pack for Plants Succulents

Heat Pack for Plants Succulents

From $4.25
This is an "ADD ON ONLY" product to your order if you live in a climate that is 40F and below during the day. This can ensure your plant(s) arrive...

Branch Tying Tool Set

Are you troubled by the rampant growth of plant branches causing chaos on your farm? Have you ever struggled with slow and difficult binding due to excessively tall branches? Have...
moss coir totem poles from the next gardener

Coco Coir Poles

From $13.99
-Eco-Friendly Support-Coco Coir Poles are made from 100% biodegradable coconut fibers, making them an eco-friendly choice for supporting climbing plants and vines. Unlike plastic or metal alternatives, these poles provide...
Raised Garden Bed Kit With Greenhouse Upgraded

Raised Garden Bed Kit With Greenhouse Upgraded

-About The Raised Garden Bed Kit With Greenhouse Upgraded- 4-in-1 Raised Garden Bed Set: All-inclusive combo set for outdoor gardening. This set includes a raised garden bed, greenhouse frame, greenhouse cover,...

Rustic White Cast Iron Wall hooks, Garden Story

-About the Rustic White Cast Iron Wallhook, Garden Story-   This vintage-inspired iron wall hook will give your yard a rustic tone. With this retro cast iron wall hook hanging,...
Gardening Tools Set

Gardening Tools Set

Every gardener, whether a novice or a green-fingered, wishes to own this high-quality set of gardening tools to help him in his gardening endeavors. The use of stainless-steel tools with...

Jasmine Mosaic Round Side End Table Plant Stand, TLM-1601, 16"

Design The designer of the Jasmine Mosaic side table is Peter. The pattern of the side table top is inspired by the beautiful and fragrant jasmine, with light yellow petals...