Succulent Garden Gift

Who can say no to these lovely succulents? Succulent is a gift that can grow as your relationship develops. We prepare those different types of gift sets for any occasion including birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and others.
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Live Succulent Wreath Metal Frame Hanger

-About Live Succulent Wreath Metal Frame Hanger- The cage is a round metal ring, somewhat vintage style. You can use it to make a unique succulent wreath metal cage. Let’s...

Iron Wire Frame Succulent Star-Shaped Hanging Planter

-About Iron Wire Frame Succulent Star-Shaped Hanging Planter- Add a Twinkle to Your Space with the Star-Shaped Iron Wire Succulent Hanging PlanterThis star-shaped iron wire frame is made of iron...

Moon-Shaped Iron Succulent Hanging Planter

-About Moon-Shaped Iron Succulent Hanging Planter- This grey iron wire frame is shaped like a moon and is perfect for adding warmth and romance to any space.This item can serve...

Vintage Iron Birdcage Succulent Hanging Planter

- About Vintage Iron Birdcage Succulent Hanging Planter- This birdcage is typically a cylindrical and dome-shaped structure made of white iron wire. The primary use of a birdcage is to...

Natural Wood Slices Ornaments with Succulents

From $22.50
-About Natural Wood Slices Ornaments with Succulents- It is a perfect decoration for your holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and any place or occasion you want to make...

Hanging Knitted Monstera Plants Car Decoration

Product description:  Crochet monstera plant hanging decoration adds a piece of warm and vibrant vibe to your car or home corner. This knitted unit will be an excellent choice if you want an interesting gift for your friends or parents, especially for those plant lovers.  Dimension: Height: ≈16" Width: ≈4" Weight: ≈2.1 Ounce Material: Natural cotton Color: Light Green/Beige
Macrame Plant Hanger, Boho Style

Macrame Plant Hanger, Boho Style

-Bohomian style plant hanger- With the bohemian style making a comeback, macrame plant hanger is at the top of all the trending options. The handmade macrame plant hangers work well...
Ceramic Mushroom Plant Stakes

Ceramic Mushroom Plant Stakes

-About the Ceramic Mushroom Plant Stakes- It's time to decorate your succulent garden with some plant stakes. The beautiful mushroom plant stakes are made of ceramic mushroom heads with color painting...
Vertical Garden, Iron Wall Planter

Vertical Garden, Iron Wall Planter

-About the Vertical Garden, Iron Wall Planter-If you're planning to create an attractive and functional vertical garden, the iron wall planter is the way to go! With three layers, this...
Cheering Animals Fairy Garden Stakes, Koala Elephant

Cheering Animals Fairy Garden Stakes, Koala Elephant

-About the koala elephant garden stake decor- Welcome to the magical world of our Cheering Animals Fairy Garden Stakes! Our delightful koala and elephant figurines are the perfect way to...
Sunny doll garden decorative mini succulent

Smiley Dolls Fairy Garden Stake

-About the Smiley Dolls Fairy Garden Stake- Discover the ultimate way to infuse warmth and joy into your fairy garden with our delightful Smiley Dolls Fairy Garden Stake. There are two cute plant...

Farmhouse Garden Stake, Cat Chasing Butterfly

-About the Farmhouse Garden Stake, Cat Chasing Butterfly-   Transform your garden into a whimsical wonderland with our retro garden stakes! Made of durable metal, these stakes feature an adorable cat...