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8 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2022
For the coming Mother’s Day, you may be having a hard time deciding what would make a great gift for Mom. Gardening is very popular right now and the chances are your mom would enjoy something new for her garden, like live succulents, seating, or a birdhouse. Consider some of these 8 gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022.
15 Popular Trailing and Hanging Succulents
There are a lot of succulents grow long stems over time and spill out of their pots or meander through a garden bed. The visual pleasing they offer will decorate your home or office very well while saving more space. In this blog, we will introduce 15 popular and must-have trailing succulents to you. Check your collection and see if you have them all.
6 Benefits of Having Succulent in Office
It is well known that most of succulents require low maintenance. Compared with some other houseplant, succulents are more welcomed to those who do not have time to take of plants. The growth of most succulents is well in line with the needs of someone in a limited space such as offices. Click this blog and find more benefits to grow succulents in office.