Introduction & Care

How to Care for Echeveria Ice Green

The height of the 'Ice Green' is generally in the range of 10 cm. The leaves are rosette-shaped and look thick and fleshy. Its shape is triangular-oval. The color is turquoise, especially when the condition is good, and the color of the leaves is crystal clear, with a little orange-red jelly feeling. According to the light and temperature difference environment, the color is light to dark, which is very beautiful.
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The Secrets of Succulent Dormancy

Succulents are plants that have thick, fleshy leaves that retain water. The plants typically grow as natives in arid climates and...
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8 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2022

For the coming Mother’s Day, you may be having a hard time deciding what would make a great gift for Mom. Gardening is very popular right now and the chances are your mom would enjoy something new for her garden, like live succulents, seating, or a birdhouse. Consider some of these 8 gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022.
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How To Grow Succulents In Water

Learning how to grow succulents in water is not only for the forgetful home gardener, but it’s also an ideal way not to kill the plants by overwatering them. The plants will take up just the right amount of water through their root system.
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How to Make Succulents Into Multiple Heads

The best time to do it is during the growing season, as the succulents are out of their dormant state and growing very actively. Promote the side growth of succulents. If you need a crowded pot of succulents to meet your projects or your preference. The multi-head succulents-making method is ideal for you.
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How to Make Succulent Soil (with Recipe)

Since succulents are native to desert areas, you need to provide them with an environment almost similar to where they originate from. And one of the primary differences between their native habitat and your place is the “Succulent Soil.”
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