Introduction & Care

All You Need to Know About Variegated Succulents

The succulents with striations, spots, spatters, shadings, or patterns on any part are considered variegated succulents. Mostly, variegated plants are misunderstood and thought they have only striped leaves. But their leaves, stems, flowers, or trunk may have multiple colors within the same structure. In other words, the variegated succulents are di or tri-colored plants. The colored patterns are either lighter shades of green or other colors, but it is not mandatory to have a clear line or marking for each hue. 
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How to care for the jade plants?

Jade plants adapt well to most homes' hot, dry conditions. It is essential to water the plants during the growing season (spring and summer) and dry them during the dormant season (autumn and winter). However, jade is perishable, so the soil should be dried entirely between watering, even during the growing season.
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How to Care for Firestick Succulents?

Firestick plant (Euphorbia tirucalli), commonly known as pencil cactus, sticks on fire, stick cactus, fire plant, or milk bush, is an ornamental succulent with the pencil-like stem. The plant gets its name due to the reddish-orange color and the way it branches.
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How To Water Succulents Without A Drainage Hole

Most plants would drown in non-drainage pots but there are ways to water succulents that are being grown in these types of containers without drowning them. Read these tips and learn how to water succulents without drainage holes so you can keep your plants healthy.
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How To Overwinter Succulents

Succulents are amazing plants that store water in their leaves. The stored water causes their leaves to be thick and fleshy and enables them to thrive in dry, hot climates. Some varieties of succulents can be grown in cold climates too. A few tips will help you successfully overwinter succulents regardless of where you live.
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Something You May Not Know about Cactus!

The cactus is a plant that may be common in any household or found in the middle of the desert. However, survival in the desert is not for the weak at heart, and, amazingly, the cactus plant can survive years in the desert. To this end, the cactus survives by storing water in the arid desert environment and fending off predators through adaptations.
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