Do Succulents Like Humidity?

What is humidity?

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air. The higher the humidity is, the higher the volume of water vapor. In general, 50% humidity is comfortable for most houseplants and our human beings. However, for succulents and cactus, the ideal humidity rate is around 10%.


Do succulents like humidity?

Succulents do not like humidity. High humidity hampers the soil's ability to evaporate water, which potentially causes rot roots. In addition, it could trigger fungal infections in succulents such as black mold, grey mold, leaf spots and eventually cause leaf or root rot.

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Let's simply think of this question. As far as we know, California is the paradise of succulent plants, especially these cities, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose. You can enjoy the most unforgettable juicy views while driving through the towns. So it is no wonder that almost everyone who lives in these cities would grow succulents in the backyard. So how about California's climate?

With warm summers and frost-free winters, coastal California meets the perfect climate for succulents and cactus to thrive. However, the 'rainy season occurs between November and March. But it is gentle and won't influence the succulents to grow outside.

Due to poor aeration and high heat in summer, high humidity often occurs indoors especially after rainy days or getting too much water. That is why fungal problems easily happen during this period. In turn,  indoor succulents in cold months can survive as long as you do not overwater them because winter climate is dry. Click here to know succulent summer care.


Do all succulents hate humidity?

Of course not! Some types of succulents do better with moisture such as Agave, Crassula Ovata(aka jade plants), Aloe, Portulacaria Afra(aka Elephant bush), Kalanchoe Daigremontiana(aka mother of thousands), Haworthia Attenuata(aka zebra plants), Kalanchoe Delagoensis(aka mother of millions or chandelier plant), etc.


What can you do to fix high humidity conditions?

1. Avoid excess watering, especially in summer. Succulents don't like to sit in wet soil for a long time, and they don't need that much water like other houseplants. The ''Soak and dry'' method always works.

2. Improve air circulation. In summer, we recommend that growing succulents in airy locations like south-facing or east-facing windows. In addition, standing fans or professional air circulator fans are other good ideas to improve air circulation. All these ways would help the container soil to evaporate water and promote healthy roots.

3. Using artificial light especially in rainy cities.

4. Well drainage soil mix is a must.

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