How to Care for Christmas Cactus

How to Care for Christmas Cactus

It's that season of the year once again, and I'm sure you want the best of holidays with friends and families this time around.  You want the holiday to be fun and colorful more than ever, right? Maybe all that you need to fulfill your fantasy is THE CHRISTMAS CACTUS.

Rots, alongside some other diseases, makes Christmas cactus wilts which may eventually cause its death. These diseases need to be prevented or cured if present in the plant's body by proper care of the plant if you want the Christmas cactus to remain glamorous from the start to the end of your holiday.

To take care of the Christmas cactus to bloom all season long, you have to know its characteristics and how to plant it. And how to make sure the Christmas cactus blooms all season long? 

christmas cactus flowers

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A Christmas cactus is a plant that produces colorful blooms that makes it popular among households.  It is scientifically known as Schlumbergera x buckleyi. Its pink or lilac color makes it colorful and unique. Christmas cactus is easy to plant and take care of. Therefore you should try getting one for this Christmas holiday. Even though most cacti survive in tropical regions where the humidity and temperature are high, Christmas cactus won't grow if subjected to such harsh climate conditions.

3 popular cacti are used in this holiday period by families: Thanksgiving cactus, Easter cactus, and Christmas cactus with each named after the holiday to which they bloom closest. They are definitely different species. You find out the difference from the picture below, look at the leaves and the flowers of them.

differences between Thanksgiving cactus, Easter cactus, and Christmas cactus
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Propagating your Christmas cactus is easy if you follow the proper procedures; the steps you can follow when planting the Christmas cactus are listed below.

1. Cut the stem in 1-4 segments and keep it in a dry place for 2-4 days. 

2. Plant an inch deep of each segment in the soil contained in the pot.

3.Water sparingly till root growth.

4. Water normally when the top surface of the soil is dry, preferably 2-3 weeks interval.

The pot used for propagating your Christmas cactus must have a drainage hole because the plant will not grow well if there is too much moisture. You should use sandy or well drainaged soil for growing your Christmas cactus due to the ability of sandy soil to absorb water.

two clay pots with drainage holes

Your pot should be placed so that the plant won't be affected by sunshine because the leaves of Christmas cactus are susceptible to sunlight. Christmas cactus grows well in a humid environment, making placing your pot in the bathroom or kitchen sensible.

In order to know the potting soil with the right ingredients for your Christmas cactus and succulents, we recommend our ready-to-use cactus soil for your Christmas Cactus.

two christmas cactus growing in patio pots
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For your Christmas cactus to bloom throughout the holiday season, it needs to be well taken care of. Maintaining the right climate for the plant is an important aspect of caring for a Christmas cactus because Christmas Cactus preferred to be taken care of indoor. As easy as it looks to take care of Christmas Cactus, they are susceptible to pests and diseases. Recognition and management of pests and diseases are essential, as common Christmas cactus pests such as mealybugs, spider mites, aphids, mushroom flies, soft brown scales, thrips, and whiteflies can cause problems ranging from delayed growth, yellowing of foliage, and wilting. diseases such as sooty mold. 

The maximum temperature you should expose your Christmas cactus temperature is 65°F, in which a higher temperature is likely to make the Christmas cactus stop blooming and die. Therefore you have to ensure that the plant is not exposed to direct sunlight; you can place your Christmas cactus in a room with windows on the east side because it needs light to stay healthy. Applying fertilizer regularly would also go a long way in helping your Christmas cactus stay in perfect condition.

watering christmas cactus

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Watering at the right interval is vital as well; the soil in which you plant your Christmas cactus must be evenly moisturized if you want the plant to reach its full bloom potential. The amount of moisture in the soil has to be moderate; therefore, you have to make sure you don't water too much or too little.

Pruning your Christmas cactus will make it grow new flowers during spring, which means you can employ it if you want the Christmas cactus healthy all year round.


bloomming christmas cactus

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Christmas cactus produces attractive pink (lilac) color. After witnessing the beauty, you might want to have it throughout the holiday. The reality is that at some stage, your beloved Christmas cactus will stop blooming. The secret to having your Christmas cacti blooming all holiday season will be exposed below.

The bloom is caused by the flower buds, which means you need to produce flower buds if you want to keep the Christmas cactus blooming. To initiate the flower buds of your Christmas cactus, you need to keep the plant for 16 hours and in the light for 8 hours for eight days. Make sure the plant is not exposed to any light at night.


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