Jade Plant Propagation in Water

propagate jade plant in water

Jade plant is one of the easiest succulents to propagate in water for its quick response. Typically, Jade plant stems and leaves are equally used, but water propagation goes well with stems.

The chances of leaves rotting in water are more, so the best approach is to take stem cuttings and propagate them in water the way guided here.

How to Propagate Jade Plant in Water?


The first step in Jade plant propagation is getting stem cuttings that could be broken off stem parts or the clippings you gathered from Jade pruning. If you don’t have either, just cut it from the parent plant and prepare it for propagation.

Follow these steps to cut, prepare and propagate stem cuttings:

  • 1. Choose a long firm stem and select where you want to cut it. The jade stem section must be 3 to 4 inches and have multiple nodes.


  • 2. Use a clean knife or sterilized clippers to make the stem cutting from your jade plant. You must not damage the plant by using dull or dirty tools and avoid spreading disease.


  • 3. After getting the selected stem section, remove leaves growing down the stems because leaf joints are the points where roots grow in the water. So, more leaf joints will encourage rooting for the best growth.
  • 4. Now place the stem cutting in indirect light for a few days to heal the cut. This will help prevent rotting in water. Once the shiny area where the plant's cutting is dried up and healed, it is time to propagate that succulent stem cutting.
  • 5. Take a clean glass container or vase with narrow opening to ensure jade plant leaves do not touch water surface and prevent from falling in the jar.
  • 6. Insert prepared Crassula ovata cutting in water in such a way as to dip all nodes in it and let leaves 2 to 3 inches above water level. An additional thing you can do to avoid water contact of leaves is using toothpicks and keep cutting in place.
  • 7. Let all plant cuttings rest in water and move container to a place receiving filtered light.
  • jade plant take root in water
  • 8. Now keep monitoring roots development and don’t forget to change water once every week. You can also do it once every 2 to 3 days if water is contaminated.
  • Change out water for jade plant 2-3 day
  • 9. Enough roots will be visible within 4 to 5 weeks after which you can transplant cuttings to the soil or shift in a large planter pot.

Repot Jade Plants in the Soil


Water in Jade plant propagation is a temporary medium; ultimately, the jade plant stem cuttings that grow out of roots need to be shifted in the soil as a permanent growth medium. You can allow the cuttings grow in water but once the roots have grown about 1 to 2 inches, gently repot in the succulent mix.


The best soil for repotting the Jade plant is succulent or cactus potting mix.

Growing Jade plants in Water – Ideal Conditions


Growing a Jade plant in water does not have additional requirements, but jade succulent basic care is necessary to keep the plant healthy and growing.

Maintain these ideal conditions to make your succulent plants thrive:



Jade plant needs lots of bright indirect light – at least 4 hours a day in a south or west-facing window. Facing your water-grown plant to direct sunlight can kill the roots as they are delicate enough and cannot withstand direct sun exposure.

Jade plant feel happy in indirect sunlight



Optimum temperature for the Jade plant growing in water is 65 to 75 ℉ or 18 to 24 ℃.

Just be sure not to place the pot near the heating or cooling system and give it a uniform environment.



Jade plant watering needs your careful attention as water droplets on the leaves can rot the plant. Use filtered water or let the tap water sit in a bucket before giving it to your plant. It will be best to use non-chlorinated water because high chlorine level in tap water can prove toxic to the growing plant.




Jade plant does not need frequent fertilization. Diluted liquid fertilizer is good for keeping the plant healthy; you can add a drop to the water once a month.

Kindly click here to learn more about succulent fertilization.

Benefits of Growing Jade Plant in Water


  • 1. The water propagation method of the Jade plant is the quicker and easier option with more success rate. Even beginners can use this method to get more plants.
  • 2. Most importantly, you can see the roots growing in real-time without extra effort.
  • 3. Jade plants grown in water are less likely to be exposed to insect infestation or bugs if maintained properly.
  • 4. Another huge benefit of growing jade plant in water is they look aesthetically pleasing and clean indoor air.

3 Pro Tips to Propagate Jade Plant in Water


  • 1. Changing plant water once a week is important; that does not let mold grow in the pot.
  • 2. Always use water at room temperature. Hot or cold water will shock the plant.
  • 3. Do not grow stem cutting directly after taking it from the plant; allow it to be calloused. Otherwise, your stem cutting will rot and grow no roots.

Additionally, don’t forget to wash your bottle in every round of changing water.


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