Why Succulents Make Best Party Favors?

Why Succulents Make Best Party Favors?

If you are now searching for party favors for your events, then you go to the right place over here. Have you ever considered to send your guests succulents as favors? If not, maybe it is time to gift succulents. Wondering about the reason?

1. Succulents come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes

Do you know there are over hundreds and thousands of varieties in the succulent world? And more and more hybrids come out with time goes on. They come in different shapes, colors, and textures. For different themes of your party, you always find some types as needed.


2. Succulents can survive anywhere

Different with other plants, succulents originally came from dry areas. These beauties require little care and can endure neglect for a long time. They are easier to get wrapped or fixed in different types of containers.


3. Succulents are unique gifts can grow

Succulents are known for their sustainability. When you wrapped succulents as a party favor, your guests will likely to keep them for longer as fresh as they could. They are gifts with love inside and will remind them they share your happiness whenever they will see that little, pretty plant.


4. Succulents are affordable

Succulents are more and more popular across the worldwide. No matter at online succulents nursery or physical stores, succulents are affordable, which help you save budget especially when you hold big parties.


Click the video below and learn 5 easy ways to make lovely succulent favors.

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