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x Pachyveria 'Clavifolia' in happy state

x Pachyveria 'Clavifolia'

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About X Pachyveria ‘Clavifolia’ X Pachyveria ‘Clavifolia’ is a beautiful succulent with a short stem and fleshy, grey-green leaves. And the tips and margins of the leaves are pink. It...

Echeveria cv. Blue Apple/ Blue Elf

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About Echeveria cv. Blue Apple Echeveria cv. Blue Appleis also called x Sedeveria 'Blue Elf'. The leaves are slender, and the tip of the leaf is slanted and pointed, which...
Pachyphytum 'Machucae' /Baby finger

Pachyphytum 'Machucae' /Baby finger

From $4.99
About Pachyphytum 'Machucae' /Baby fingerPachyphytum 'Machucae' /Baby finger is rare Korean Succulent. Its leaves are chubby like baby's fingers, typically soft to vivid lavendar color, will turn bright mangos and...
Echeveria 'German Champagne'

Echeveria 'German Champagne' (Rare)

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About Echeveria 'German Champagne'Echeveria 'German Champagne', a member of the Crassulaceae family, has long spatulate leaves with flat or slightly concave surfaces, acute tips with short red apices, distinctive keels-like...
Echeveria ‘Suyon’

Echeveria 'Suyon'

From $4.99
About Echeveria 'Suyon'Echeveria 'Suyon', a famous Korean hybrids Echeveria, with bright red color in the cold season. Very beautiful, best plants for home decoration, DIY terrarium projects, and wedding favor. The single head...

Echeveria 'Mebina'

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About Echeveria 'Mebina' Echeveria 'Mebina' due to its red edge leaves, also called red edge echeveria. Its leaves are long and thin, formed close to a rosette, blooming in spring....

Echeveria 'Chihuahuaensis'

From $4.99
About Echeveria Chihuahuaensis Echeveria Chihuahuaensis is another beautiful glaucous Echeveria that forms a tighter and shorter rosette, with its smaller, more scalloped leaves that come to a more pronounced tip....
Echeveria Rosalia

Echeveria Rosalia

From $5.25
About the Echeveria Rosalia Echeveria Rosalia is a beautiful purple and lavender succulent. Its spoon-shaped leaves have narrow tips that turn red under stress. The back of the leaves features raised...
Echeveria Mebina Variegata (4 inch)

Echeveria Mebina Variegata (4 inch)

About Echeveria Mebina Variegata (4 inch) Echeveria Mebina Variegata is a succulent variety derived from the mutation of Echeveria Mebina. Its leaves are thick and oblong-shaped, with a flat surface...
Echeveria Linde Anna

Echeveria Linde Anna

- About Echeveria Linde Anna- Echeveria Linde Anna, a succulent of the Echeveria genus in the Crassulacea family, is a succulent plant that forms a rosette shape. Its leaves are...
Pachyphytum 'Apricot Beauty' (4 inch)

Pachyphytum 'Apricot Beauty' (4 inch)

About Pachyphytum 'Apricot Beauty' (4 inch) Pachyphytum 'Apricot Beauty' is a beautiful variegated succulent with leaves ranging from pale yellow to light pink, interspersed with green in the middle. The triangular...

Echeveria 'Ice Green' (Rare)

From $12.50
About Echeveria 'Ice green' Echeveria 'Ice green' is a lovely rare succulent plant from Korea. It features a frosty-look foliage surface. With thick, obovate leaves, and short trips, the chubby...