Cotyledon Orbiculata cv. 3 Cuttings


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  • Cotyledon orbiculata cv. is a lovely rare succulent that grows into a cluster with chubby powdery leaves that look like ping pong paddles. The leaves will turn dark purple with powder covered, which makes them very charming in garden.
  • Cotyledon orbiculata cv. hold water pretty well. Its chubby leaves can tolerate long-term neglect. The best way of watering is soak and dry method. Water thoroughly when soil is dry. You can use your finger to check if the soil dry out to make sure succulents will not sit in wet soil.
  • As a winter grower, Cotyledon Orbiculata CV does not have a high requirement for sunshine. Bright full sunlight or grow light is ideal for them in growing seasons and make sure they can maintain their color and form.
  • For cuttings propagation, it is important to place them in airy location and no heat wave to avoid root rot. It is also a best way to prevent some diseases and pests.
  • Primary color: grey/silver
  • Secondary color: purple/black
  • Bloom color: orange-red
  • Cold hardiness: zone 9b-12b(from 25F to 50F)
  • Product format: cuttings
  • Suitability: balcony, window, garden
  • Propagation: stem cutting
  • Special characteristic: pet safe

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