Propagate Succulents from Stem Cuttings

Most tender Sedums and some Echeverias can be propagated with either a leaf or a cutting. But Aeoniums only work with cuttings. In this blog, we will show you how to propagate succulents from cuttings.

Let's start it!

1. Cut off a piece of the succulent just above a leaf on the stem.


2. Remove the bottom leaves like 1-2 inches


3. Place the cuttings in airy location and let it dry out a little bit.


4. Before planting, moisten the soil and insert your cuttings 1/2 to 2 inches into the soil.


5. Place the pot in airy location with indirect sunlight. The roots will come out in 2-4 weeks. Never water them in first week.


6. You can start watering the soil from second week. Do remember only watering them when the cactus soil mix dries out.
7. Add a layer of top dressing on the surface of soil mix, which can add more weight to planter and help stem cutting stand straight into soil.


Propagating succulents from stem cuttings or leaf needs patience. They are both good choices for succulents addicts those who don't have enough budget.

More tips are included in the video below.

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