Echeveria Caroline

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About Echeveria Caroline

Echeveria Caroline is a striking Korean hybrid succulent plant, featuring a tight rosette of thick, fleshy leaves, forming a beautiful gradient of green and pink hues. The leaves are tightly packed, forming a symmetrical shape, reaching up to 10cm in diameter. The edges of the leaves are slightly curled, adding an interesting texture to the appearance. When in bloom, the Echeveria Caroline produces a tall stem with delicate pink flowers, enhancing its charm and beauty. This popular plant is a favorite among succulent enthusiasts and can add a unique touch of color and texture to any indoor or outdoor space.

How to care for Echeveria Caroline

Sun/Location: E. Caroline prefers full sun to partial shade to develop its pronounced shape and color. It is appropriate to grow outdoors to absorb the scattered light for at least 6 hours during the growing period in spring and autumn. Remove E. Caroline indoors to shade in the heatwave and supply artificial light to defend against the severe cold in winter.

Soil/Pot: Add a layer of pebbles and charcoal to encourage good drainage on the well-drained pot. E. Caroline hates soggy soil and requires sitting in the porous and ventilated potting soil with gritty materials such as perlite or pumice, evaporating the moisture smoothly to avoid rot roots. Repot in warm spring to upgrade the growth environment, and trim the roots and wrinkled blades at the bottom to help E. Caroline regenerates healthier.

Watering: E. Caroline requires infrequent watering since it is drought tolerant. Abundant water was stored in the plump and lush leaves, reducing watering demand. Stick your finger in the potting soil to test whether it is bone dry. The soak-and-dry method is generally applied when the potting soil is dry out. The immersive watering method is also recommendable if placed in a ventilated and breathable location. Be careful to water along the edge of the pot to the potting soil instead of the rosette and foliage, preventing waterlogging, bacteria, and fungal diseases.

Humidity: E. Caroline is a desert plant that prefers low-humidity environments. It can tolerate average indoor humidity levels, but high humidity can cause the leaves to become mushy and prone to rot. Ensure adequate air circulation around the plant and avoid overwatering to prevent excess moisture.

Temperature: Echeveria Caroline prefers warm temperatures between 65-75°F. It can tolerate slightly cooler temperatures but keep in mind to protect from frost and extreme heat. If the temperature drops below 50°F, move this cutie to a warmer location to prevent damage.

More information

Primary color: Green
Secondary color: Pink, Blue
Cold hardiness: Zone 9a-11b(From 20F to 50F)
Product format: 2" pot
Suitability: Balcony, Window, Rock Garden, Container, Terrariums
Propagation: Leaf, Cutting, Beheading
Special characteristics: Easy to propagate, Low maintenance, Pet Safe


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michelle Elsokary

Pinkish purple plant with tight rosettes.

Chetman Yu
Excellent quality!

My apologies for the late review The Next Gardener! This is review is not only for echeveria caroline, but also 7 other echeverias I bought from this store. I wanted to do 1 big review, instead of posting 8 reviews on each echeveria. There are seven other echeverias that I have bought from this store.

They are:
(A)echeveria snow bunny,
(B)echeveria ppippi seau,
(C)echeveria mebina (the non-variegated one)
(D)echeveria ben badis,
(E)echeveria the next gardener pink sea,
(F)echeveria joselrin, and
(G)echeveria sara himebotan.

I did not order all 8 at once lol, but I ordered them over a period of several months. The Next Gardener has consistently delivered my echeverias in pristine condition! The prices at this store for the 2-inch succulents are unparalleled! You will not get this type of pricing at other places, especially for Korean hybrid echeverias. Most sellers at etsy sell these hybrid echeveria for at least $10-$15 a pop. If you want to start a Korean hybrid echeveria collection like I am, The Next Gardener is THE place to start!

Furthermore, The Next Gardener also gave me a FREE ceramic pot to thank my loyalty to the store! If you want to get started on collection Korean echeverias, THIS is the place to go to! Thankyou The Next Gardener for introducing some cool echeveria hybrids that are not available at other stores or are sold very expensively.

Now the challenge for me is to help these Korean hybrid echeveria thrive so that they will look beautiful like the pictures shown. Thankyou The Next Gardener and may you keep a high supply of these Korean hybrid echeveria so other people may get the opportunity to start their succulent hobby!

I recently purchased the Echeveria Caroline succulent plant and I am absolutely in love with it!

The plant arrived in great condition and was well-packaged. The leaves have a beautiful blue-green color with a slight hint of pink, and the rosette shape is simply stunning. The plant is also very easy to care for, making it a great choice for beginners. Overall, I would highly recommend this plant to anyone looking for a gorgeous and low-maintenance addition to their collection.

I have several succulent plants in my collection, but the Echeveria Caroline is definitely one of...

The plant is simply gorgeous, with vibrant blue-green leaves and a unique rosette shape. The plant arrived in great condition and has been thriving ever since. It requires minimal care and attention, making it perfect for those who want a low-maintenance plant. Overall, I would highly recommend this succulent to anyone looking for a stunning and easy-to-care-for addition to their collection.

Valerie Anselm
I recently added the Echeveria Caroline succulent plant to my collection and I am very happy with...

The plant arrived in great condition and has been thriving in my care. The leaves are a beautiful blue-green color and the rosette shape is simply stunning. The plant is also very easy to care for, making it perfect for those who are new to succulent care. Overall, I would definitely recommend this plant to anyone looking for a beautiful and low-maintenance addition to their collection.