Native to semi-desert regions of Mexico, Central America and South America, Echeveria are popular rosette succulents with a wide ranging of colors. Due to its symmetrical leaves and rich varieties, they are very popular in succulent centerpieces, succulent fairy gardens, party favors and terrarium projects.

Care Instruction

  • Light
Echeveria prefer at least 6 hour sunlight per day. As indoor succulents, grow them in location with indirect bright sunlight such as near the window, porch or under grow light. Otherwise, they would stretch out/grow tall to prone more light. Outdoor growing can take full to partial sun. Extra shade will protect them from sunburn on hot afternoons in summer.

  • Soil
Like all cactus and succulents, Echeveria loves light-weight, well drainage soil to live in. Simply mix perlite, gritty rocks, and soil can make a good cactus soil mix for them. If you prefer organic gardening, we offer organic and professional cactus soil mix to you.

  • Water
Water succulents when the potting soil dries out. The right way to water succulents is using a squeeze bottle or a long neck water can to water the top soil(not water the leaves) till the water leak out from the drainge hole. 

  • Temperature
Echeveria are cold hardy down to 20F-30F (zone 9-10). Before freeze temperature, move them indoor to help them survive.

  • Propagation
Echeveria can be propagated from cuttings of offsets, leaves, and stems.