15 Popular Trailing and Hanging Succulents

15 Popular Trailing and Hanging Succulents

There are a lot of succulents grow long stems over time and spill out of their pots or meander through a garden bed. The visual pleasing they offer will decorate your home or office very well while saving more space.
Here we’ve compiled a list of the most popular hanging succulents that are great for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

1. Senecio rowleyanus(String of Pearls)

Just like its name, you can easily recognize them by its small green bubbles along a slender stem. String of pearls plant is not particular about its conditions. Given enough light and fertilizer, it will grow quite vigorously in a season.

2. Sedum Morganianum(Burro's Tails)

Burro’s tail is a heat and drought tolerant plant, suited for warm to temperate regions. The succulent is green to gray green or even blue green. It is recommended that planting a burro’s tail houseplant on the patio or your garden. They are super beautiful and super easy to care about.


3. Senecio Peregrinus(String of Dolphins)

Characterized by their iconic dolphin-shaped leaves and long hanging tendrils, String of Dolphins' leaves resemble jumping dolphins. They are not frost-tolerant succulents and require warm weather year-round. Place your string of dolphins in a bright, sunny window and neglect it most of the time and this adorable succulent will thrive. Click here to learn how to care for string of dolphins!


4. Ceropegia Woodii(String of Hearts)

String of hearts are evergreen succulent which is perfect for planting in hanging basket or pot on window sill. It is fast growing plant which exceed to several feet once they are mature. The heart-shaped, fleshy, gray-green leaves has an eye-catching marbled pattern and distinctive purple shade, which makes it very charming as trailing plant.


5. Senecio Radicans(String of Banana)

String of banana is actually a close relative of the string of pearls. However it is faster growing and even easier to care for. It is a fast-growing plant with vines that reach lengths of at least 36 inches. String of bananas can be planted indoor trailing. In warm regions, zones 10 through 12, you can plant them outdoors.


Image Credit: worldofsucculents.com

6. Dischidia nummularia(String of Nickels)

String of Nickels' round leaves look like long strands of coins, and the leaves are light or pale green , gray, brown, silver color. It is rare succulents but super easy to care and can be planted in warmer weather.


7. Othonna Capensis(Ruby Necklace)

Ruby necklace is also named String of Pickles or Little Pickles. This trailing succulent has purple red stems with lush green leaves. With enough sun stress, the color will turn to darker. Ruby necklace is a nice addition in hanging baskets.


8. Airplant

Airplants have become quite popular over the last few years. They require no soil for their roots. They are native to warm, arid regions, where they do best in bright, filtered light conditions.


Image Credit: fiskars.eu

9. Crassula Baby Necklace

Crassula "Baby's Necklace" is a beautiful and ornamental succulent plant. The leaves are small, rounded, fleshy and fragile and stack tightly on thin stems. The stems nearly invisible. Baby necklace has excellent drought and cold tolerance though prefers some sun protection. Like other succulents, it prefers well drainage cactus soil mix and succulent planter with drainage holes to thrive.


Image Credit: gardenia.net

10. Senecio macroglossus ‘Variegatus’(Senecio Wax Ivy)

Senecio wax ivy is a delightful trailing plant with succulent stems and waxy, ivy-like leaves. It is low-maintenance, suitable for growing outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 and above. It isn’t cold hardy and is most often grown as an indoor succulent plant.


11. Portulacaria Afra(Elephant Bush)

Elephant bush have reddish-brown stems with glossy green leaves. They start out as a small bush and eventually grow tree-like. They are hardiest in USDA zones 9-11. They grow upright horizontally but can also spread out laterally and sprawl or hang, which makes them a great choice for hanging baskets.

elephant bush

Image Credit: debraleebaldwin.com

12. Crassula Pellucida Variegata(Calico Kitten)

Crassula Pellucida Variegata is a beautiful succulent that spreads into mats of beautiful geometric foliage. Leaves are small, ovate to elliptic, and paired along lax stems. They are green, sometimes with brown stripes and with colorless or red margins. It can be grown both indoors and out. You can leave them outdoors if you live in zone 9-11.

13. Aporocactus Flagelliformis (Rat Tail Cactus)

Rat Tail Cactus is distinctive for its long, trailing stems, which grow to about 4 feet once they are mature. The overall color of the plant is green when young but the stems age to an almost beige color. Place them in bright light and neglect them. You will find them will grow very well.


Image Credit: mimbarschool.com

14. Echinopsis Chamaecereus (Peanut Cactus)

The Echinopsis chamaecereus is a low-growing cactus producing multiple creeping stems. Compared to other cacti, the stems grow relatively quickly. They can grow up to about six inches (15 cm.) tall and 12 inches (30 cm.) wide. Only hardy in zones 10 and 11, although it can also be grown as a houseplant.


Image Credit: worldofsucculents.com

15. Hildewintera Colademononis (Monkey’s Tail)

Monkey’s Tail cactus is a great plant for beginners. With long, white, soft and hairlike spines, it looks beautiful in hanging baskets. They fall over and dangle once they attain a length of about 2 feet. They like full to filtered sunlight to grow and thrives in USDA hardiness zones 9a-11b.


Image Credit: pinterest.com



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I absolutely love and have never seen a Hildewintera Colademononis (Monkey’s Tail). Do you have these available? I am moving into a new apartment and love plants that are oddities and would love to get one of these in or around September. I also saw a plant that was called a fishermans hook in one of our local nurseries. It looked similar to what you called a Senecio Radicans(String of Banana). I would also like one of these. If they are available, please let me know.

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