6 Benefits of Having Succulent in Office

You may repeat to do same thing for 5 days a week, trapped in the same drab scenery. What could possibly make your office space more livable and comfortable? There's a great answer to that: succulents!

Unknown to many, there are many reasons why succulent plants are great for offices.

1. Low-Maintenance


It is well known that most of succulents require low maintenance. Compared with some other houseplant, succulents are more welcomed to those who do not have time to take of plants. The growth of most succulents is well in line with the needs of someone in a limited space such as offices. Click here to learn how to grow succulents indoors.


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2. Improves Overall Office Look


Succulents are great decorations no matter whether in your home or office. Succulents are super easy to care and they are rich in color and varieties, which offers interior designers enough creative possibilities to use succulents as decorative pieces. Succulents can perfectly match the office space and brighten up your desk space or reception desk.


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3. Improving Air Quality


The article “Plants Clean Air and Water for Indoor Environments” describes NASA research using plants in a BioHome. This research suggests that succulents can remove many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. Some succulents varieties have the ability to continue releasing oxygen even throughout the night, which help you air quality in your office.


4. Improve the Humidity of Your Office


In addition, succulents help to balance the humidity in your office which can prevent dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs. Having succulents in your office improves the health and morale which results in a better workflow.


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5. Reduce Pressure


Modern adults are trapped in same office for more than 8 hours. Your anxiety and pressure from your work and exasperating colleague grow with counting the ticking sound of clocks. Place succulents in your office desk will create a natural environment, which relaxes you and reduce the pressure.


6. Improve Work Productivity


When the air is stuffy, it will cause illnesses and make you feel headache. Better air circulation will help you to breathe fresh, to keep your mind focused. It is reported that working with succulents around will enhance your memory even sometime you are just looking at the photographs of them. All these benefits can improve the work productivity.

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