Succulent plugs are small masses of soil bound together by roots. These plugs allow the succulent to lie at the soil level. Aside from their benefits, succulent plugs need proper care in order to protect roots. 

Their care includes proper watering and checking weather conditions. These trays make succulents more affordable, and your succulent can stay in plug trays for many months with proper care.

Don't worry if it seems confusing to you. We have shared all the facts and queries related to Succulent plugs and how to care for Succulent Plugs. Surely at the end of this article, you'll be all clear.

So let's get started

What Are TNG Succulent Plugs?


THE NEXT GARDENER Succulent plugs are small masses of soil that are formed by the roots binding them together. These plugs have a fully formed root system and arrive ready to plant.

The most amazing thing about these plugs is that plants can stay in these trays for months with proper care. Also, the shipping is easier on the succulent plants as these trays provide structure and protect roots.


Succulent plugs from TNG provide optimal conditions for tiny plants or seeds to grow and encourage healthy root growth. 

After the root system has been established, the mini succulent can be potted into a soil mixture, usually Peat Moss, with a plug made of a degradable material that will not hinder the plant's growth.

Why Choose Succulent Plugs?


Succulent Plugs have the following benefits:

  • 1. These plugs make succulents more affordable with the added discounts as more trays you buy.


  • 2. With these plugs, shipping is easier on the succulents as they provide good structure and also protect roots.
  • 3. Your succulent can stay for months with proper care in these plug trays.
  • 4. These plugs have a fully formed and ready root system and arrive ready to plant. So they save your precious time.
  • 5. You know what names of succulents you're getting since every cultivar is labeled.
  • 6. The succulent plugs are easy to remove from the tray cells and great to work with for many projects and succulent arrangements.
colorful-succulent-plugs-for-making-succulent wreathes

Now that you know what TNG Succulent Plugs are, it's time to know how to care for them.

How To Care For Succulent Plugs?


You should follow these steps to care for your mini succulent plugs:


1. Soak Up After Their Delivery


As with all our plants, place your plugs in good indirect light to soak up after their journey in the darkness. 


The succulent plants and their plugs love light, so it's best to give them a good dose of direct sunlight for a few hours or days, depending on their condition. This will help them to recover.

2. Inspect Your Succulent Plug


Immediately inspect the succulent plugs, and contact us if there are any issues. If there are any problems with your order, please provide us with images and a brief description as soon as possible. 

Please contact us within 24 hours of delivery, TNG has a 14-day Qualitt Guarantee that will replace any sick or dead plants.

3. Watering


The main thing you need to consider for your plugs is not to give them a drink of water for about a week. 

But ensure that the moisture in the soil provides enough water for your succulent plugs while they adjust to their new environment.


4. Lay Them On Fresh, Moist Soil


If you have purchased succulent plugs with baby roots, then treating them like cuttings is better. Lay them on top of fresh, moist soil in the indirect sunlight and leave them.


You can follow the instructions above for Plugs with established roots once you see more defined roots.

How To Use Succulent Plugs?


Step 1: 

Make an open, free-draining compost by mixing potting soil for succulents and perlite. Push up with a pencil from the bottom of each plug to remove it from its module.

Step 2:

Fill the planter pot with compost mix, tapping it, so it settles and leaves a gap at the top for easy watering. Pick the right size pot, between 7 and 9cm, depending on the plug size. 


Make a hole slightly bigger than the plug in the center of the compost with a dibber or your finger.

Step 3:

Put each plug into the hole by holding it by its leaves or rootball. Firm the compost gently around the plug to ensure the roots spread as the succulent plant grows.

Step 4:

When all the succulent plugs have been planted, water with a fine rose so that the composite is not disturbed. Keep these succulent plugs in the indirect sunlight for a few days to soak up. 




The article concluded that you must inspect your succulent plugs and soak them up after their arrival. This will help them to recover.

Hopefully, now should know all the facts and queries related to Succulent plugs and how to care for them.


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