How to Save Overwatered Succulents?

How to Save Overwatered Succulents?

How to tell your succulents are overwatered?


When your succulents appear these 6 signs, you should reconsider your water frequency and take steps to save them. and how much of the plant you can save depends on the extent of the damage to the plant.

1. Leaves are turning yellow and transparent.




    2. Leaves feel soft and mushy to the touch.




      3. Leaves fall off very easily with a slight touch.




        4. The stem is turning brown or getting black spots.




          5. The succulent looks sick and smells gross.




            6. The potting soil is waterlogged.




                How to save overwatered succulents?


                As succulent can be propagated from leaf, cutting, and beheading. Even if the succulent has succumbed to rot, some parts of it can still be saved. If you want to learn how to behead succulent and save the overwatered succulent, proceed to read.

                1. Use a clean and sharp knife to cut off the top part (not yellow or soft part/healthy part) of succulent.




                 2. Make sure the wound is flat and clean. Then place it somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight and allow it collapse for a few days.


                3. Plant it in new well drainage cactus soil mix after a few days and it will grow as a new plant.


                For some overwatered succulents and they have healthy leaves. Leaf propagation is another good choice to save them and grow new succulents.

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