The Benefits of Top Dressings You Need to Know

The Benefits of Top Dressings You Need to Know

The rocks or pebbles you see on top of a succulent arrangement are called top dressing.

What are the benefits? Why are they so popular?

1. Add top dressing will make your succulents garden look clean. 

With more and more succulent addicts love decor their offices with some potted succulents.  There are many benefits to grow succulents around of us. To avoid dust and mess, placing one layer on the top of cactus soil mix will efficiently solve this issue.

These little rocks also keeps the soil in place when watering. It reduces the amount of dust that flies up when you water! And it will keep soil from splashing up to the leaves of your plants.

potted succulents are using top dressings

2. A layer of decorative pebbles looks more attractive than exposed soil.

    Have you ever watched a video about how to make an succulent fairy garden or how to make a succulent arrangement? Top dressings for succulents come in a wide array of colors, textures and sizes. Choosing the right types of top dressings to match your succulent works also show your ability to sense beauty.


    3. Top dressing is the most reliable way to get rid your home of pesky gnats.

      Moisture and organic material attract gnats. Some species prefer the soil of houseplants. Add top dressing which is inorganic material prevents insects from laying their eggs in the damp, organic soil, and effectively help alleviate and solve this problem. Click here to learn How to Use Neem Oil on Your Succulents and Cactus


      4. Top dressings act as a weed barrier.

        Weeds are part of every landscape, competing with our trees, shrubs, and flowers for vital nutrients especially for outdoor gardens. River rock is considered as the more useful weed barrier no matter indoor or outdoor use.

        5. Top dressing can regulate the temperature of the soil, insulating the roots from wide temperature fluctuations.

        We can't change the temperature but we can do something to save our plants. In winter, you can use dark color top dressing to warm your plants. Dark pebbles or gravel absorb more heat, warming the soil and stimulating root development. While in summer, light colors reflect the heat—useful in hot climates, which means you can use light color top dressing instead.


        6. Top dressing can help to keep newly planted succulents upright until they fully root into the surrounding soil matrix.

          For young plants especially for succulents, they need time to get used to their new containers and get rooted in the surrounding cactus soil mix. During this period, top dressing plays a role in keeping them upright and helping them grow stronger. Even after this period, the top dressing works as well.

          7. Top dressing adds weight to plastic succulent containers to keep them from blowing away. 



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