Why Call Jade Plants Lucky Plants?

Why call Jade plants lucky plants?

Jade plants resemble a miniature tree and are beautiful as indoor succulents for decoration. Jade Plant is native to South Africa and Mozambique. They've survived for hundreds of years and are typically passed through generations, and can reach heights of at least 3 feet when they are grown inside. Jade plants have the ability to tolerant hot and dry climates indoors. They are now among the most common houseplants because of their ease of care, beauty, and significance. The most well-known variety is Crassula Ovata.

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Why do most people think jade plants are lucky plants?

From the outlook, their leaves are full of flesh, like the chubby arms of a baby, the baby is considered as good luck in the East. So it is also known as 'Dollar Plant', 'Lucky Plant', and 'Friendship Tree'.

Jade plants emit positive 'chi', the powerful energy which is known from east culture: Fengshui. Fengshui is a power that draws parallels with nature. Based on nature to figure out this power 'Fengshui'. You might be heard 'chi' before in Chinese Kungfu. That is the exact thing that martial artists get from nature. Jade plants as a plant, come from nature and the eastern believe that jade plants are the symbol of wealth, luck, and prosperity. So they are often used as gifts for housewarmings, particularly for businessmen. 

The Lucky jade indoor plants that influence the culture have been established as the trend of plants. So, the main reason for keeping the plants at home or office is to welcome luck. Many Chinese establishments, restaurants and enterprises have jade plants right to the door. They are considered to bring in customers, which will boost the revenue. 

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What do the jade plants symbolize?

Based on the jade plant in Feng Shui theory, potted jade plants were often housewarming presents to loved ones because they promoted prosperity and friendship. In reality, give it to a friend who is setting up a business for the first time to bring good luck with his finances. 

There's an old word in Chinese, the iron tree does not bloom for thousands of years, and the jade tree does not bloom for ten thousand years. Jade plants that bloom is an indication of prosperity and growth. It means there'll be something lucky for the master would happen.

Different locations have different meanings.  

The Jade plant can provide positive outcomes when planted in the right place. Every different position has different meanings. According to your purpose, here are some suggestions.


  • Living room (northwest corner) - Generally speaking, the position of the northwest corner of the living room is the most suitable place to place plants from the perspective of Feng Shui. The northwest corner is the position of heaven and earth. Placing it here can bring auspicious things to happen, but don't place it too high.
  • Bedroom Windowsill - Jade plants can also be placed in the bedroom, make people full of vitality, and be more motivated to do things. But it should be noted that it needs to be placed by the window, they need sufficient sunlight to grow.
  • The study - The study is also the most suitable place to place jade plants, because the study is full of scholarly scents, placing a pot of jade can refresh the mind and make people more focused. If your child is still at school, a jade plant is a good option to be placed in.


  1. Entrance - as we mentioned previously, jade plants could welcome luck for the boss. Therefore the entrance is one of the best places to place jade for a company. 
  2. Southeast - for the office, the southeast is the direction of success and prosperity in feng shui.

By the way, before choosing the position to place jade plants, it's important to learn how to care for them.

The introduction of jade plants into your home is an ornamental feature that can positively impact all your life aspects. If you plant it in circular foliage and shining in a deep form, the jade plant appears attractive. There are a variety of jade plants, so you can pick the one that is most suitable for you. In all, the beauty has been mingled with luck.


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