Echeveria 'Nebula' (4 inch)

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-About Echeveria 'Nebula'-


Echeveria 'Nebula' is a hybrid succulent. It has elongated and sharp-pointed leaves. What sets this succulent type is the intricate patterning on its leaves, giving it a beautiful and three-dimensional form. Due to the similar leaf shape and dark markings, Echeveria 'Nebula' is often mistaken for Echeveria Psyche. However, Echeveria 'Nebula' has more plump leaves, and when in its prime, the plant displays a translucent pink color, which adds to its adorable charm.

-How to care for Echeveria 'Nebula'-


Sun/Temperature: Echeveria 'Nebula' generally shares the exact light requirements as most Echeveria succulents. Providing indirect bright light allows the succulent to maintain its shape. If you aim to develop beautiful patterns on the succulent leaves, light exposure and temperature are crucial factors. During the spring and autumn seasons, exposing Echeveria 'Nebula' to ample sunlight outdoors is beneficial. The natural variations in light intensity and the temperature outdoors aid in quicker coloration and the emergence of unique textures on the leaves. However, it is essential to note that High temperatures in summer and frost during winter can cause irreparable damage to the succulent. Therefore, it is advisable to move the succulent indoors before such extreme weather events occur.

Soil/Humidity: Echeveria 'Nebula' thrives in a well-draining cactus soil mix to prevent soggy conditions that can lead to root rot. In general, 4-inch succulents have already developed mature root systems. Adding 70% pumice or perlite to the potting mix can help regulate Echeveria 'Nebula' nutrient absorption, resulting in a plump shape and vibrant coloration. Echeveria 'Nebula' prefers low to moderate humidity levels. High humidity can increase the risk of fungal diseases and rot. If you live in a humid climate, providing good air circulation around the plant is advisable to reduce humidity levels. You can also add plant fungicides to the soil before the arrival of summer. Click here to learn how to prepare succulents before summer.

Watering: Echeveria 'Nebula' is a succulent plant that stores water in its leaves and stems, when watering, thoroughly soak the soil until water drains out from the bottom of the pot. This ensures that the water reaches the deeper roots of the plant. In summer, it is important to pay special attention to environmental ventilation after watering succulents. Click here to learn how to water indoor succulents.

Other tips: The texture on the leaves of succulents is formed by a powdery substance called farina. Therefore, it's advisable to avoid touching the leaves of succulents as much as possible during their care and maintenance.

-More Information-


Primary color: green
Secondary color: pink
Cold hardiness: zone 9a-11b (from 20F to 50F)
Product format: 4" pot
Suitability: balcony, Window, Garden
Propagation: stem cutting, leaf, seed
Special characteristic: easy to propagate, pet safe


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Customer Reviews

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Phousonh Trester
So beautiful.

In love with the tight leaf pattern

Hunter Umaske

Happy with the quality and quantity of the plants Thank you so much fast shipping also


Gorgeous! Great quality plants. Great deal! Thank you 🥹

Sloane Tabisel
The color on this echeveria is so beautiful!

The color on this echeveria is so beautiful! My whole order was packed extremely well and was shipped out very quickly. I would highly recommend this shop!

Lawrence Collins
Arrived in great condition

Arrived in great condition. Matched the description perfectly. Had blooms on it, and looks beautiful. Thank you