8 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day 2022

For the coming Mother’s Day, you may be having a hard time deciding what would make a great gift for Mom. A timely suggestion and welcomed gift is anything related to gardening. And even if your Mom doesn’t like gardening, succulent arrangements and succulent art are a couple of unique gifts that are made from low-maintenance plants.

Gardening is very popular right now and the chances are your mom would enjoy something new for her garden, like live succulents, seating, or a birdhouse. Consider some of these 8 gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2022.

1. Unique Flowers

Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower, and roses are always popular for gifting but your Mom is unique and deserves a unique gift. Look for something other than the traditional plants and check out some of the smallest live succulents and the largest flowering trees.

Image credit: thespruce.com

2. Light it Up

Solar lighting for the outdoors comes in so many attractive styles and colors that there are sure to be some that your Mom would love.

Solar panels for the garden that depict sunflowers, hummingbirds, or colorful flowers are ideal for brightening up a dark spot in the landscape. Solar lights are ideal for lighting up the walkway after dark and panels are great for hiding something unsightly in the yard, like the composter or central AC unit.

Image Credit: buysolarcheap.com

3. Garden Seating

It’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and admire the flowers. Get Mom a gift of seating so she can relax outdoors near her garden. A garden bench or bistro table and chairs would make a wonderful gift for Mom.

Image Credit: realhomes.com

If you have DIY skills, a homemade bench, garden trellis with seating, or pergola with built-in seating would be items Mom would never stop talking about. It would quickly become her favorite place to sit.

4. Live Succulents

Live succulents can be grown indoors or outdoors, depending on the variety your select and your climate. Here are a few of the most unique flowering succulents that top the list for 2022 Mother’s Day gift ideas

  • Pinchusion Cactus looks like a real old-fashion pin cushion. It grows into a small round plant and is covered with delicate pink blooms.

  • Echeveria Afterglow develops red blooms with pink edges. The lavender rosette leaves of this succulent are attractive and keep the plant looking beautiful year-round.
  • Marble Buttons succulent looks just its’ name. The small, round, spineless, and hairless mounds of this succulent look like green marbles or buttons in a pot for most of the year. In fall, this succulent plant will produce clove-scented yellow, gold, and dark orange nocturnal flowers.

Image Credit: chiangraitimes.com

  • Kalanchoe is nicknamed ‘the can’t kill plant’ because this flowering succulent is almost impossible to kill. Ideal Mother’s Day gift for the busy Mom or the Mom that doesn’t have a green thumb. This compact plant will produce blooms in orange, pink, yellow, red, and white. 

Kalanchoe symbolizes persistence and eternal love making it a perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2022.

5. Pollinator Accessories

Gardens need pollinators to keep them growing and producing. Consider getting a birdbath, birdhouse, birdfeeder, or bee house to attract pollinators. The pollinators will put on a fun show for mom to watch while they help keep her garden growing.

Image Credit: freudengarten.de

If the pollinators are happy, they will raise their families in Mom’s garden and return year after year.

6. Garden Bling

A little bling will keep the garden sparkling year-round. Windchimes, sparkling stepping stones, gazing balls, and fun statutes will add a little unique pizzazz to Mom’s garden. The bling will keep the garden interesting even during the winter months when nothing is in bloom.

Image Credit: shoplemontreestudio.com

7.  Garden Table

If Mom is always potting plants and working in the dirt, consider a garden table that will make the outdoor tasks easier on her back.

A garden table will help reduce the amount of bending Mom has to do and it will help keep all her tools in one place. Choose a garden table made from teak or cedar wood so it will last for several years.

8. Wearable Garden Art

If Mom is the T-shirt type, consider getting her a printed T-shirt with words of gardening wisdom imprinted on it. An apron to keep her clothes clean would be nice, and a wide-brimmed hat, or garden clogs would also nice to have.

Jewelry with her favorite flower depicted on it or a silk flower for her hair will make her feel special on Mother’s Day 2022 or any other time she wears it.

The Best Gifts

The best gifts for Mom will be those that relate to things she is interested in, like gardening gifts for the gardener. It lets Mom know that you have paid attention to the things she is interested in and it will show her how much you care.

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