Echeveria 'Blue Surprise', also known as Echeveria 'Andrew's Choice', stands out as a rare succulent renowned for its captivating blue hue. However, did you know that this remarkable plant holds a delightful secret? Amid chilly weather, Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' undergoes a subtle transformation, revealing soft pink and purple hues. True to its name, the surprises don't end with its color – they begin.

About Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' Succulent


Scientific Name: Echeveria 'Andrew's Choice'

Genus: Echeveria

Shape: Forms a rosette shape with its flattened spoon-shaped leaves

Color: Transitioning from green to shades of blue and powdery pink and purple

Size: A small succulent variety, reaching a maximum of 6 inches

Flowering: Bell-shaped flowers bloom in spring


How to Care for Echeveria 'Blue Surprise'


Caring for Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' may not be daunting, but to truly be mesmerized by its pink hues, a blend of time, patience, and specific care techniques is critical. Following these tips promises a continuous cascade of color surprises from this succulent.

1. Provide a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight daily

2. 10-28°C is the optimal temperature for rapid coloring

3. Water only when Needed

4. Utilize well-draining soil

5. Choose a pot 1.5 times larger than the plant size


Ample Sunlight Exposure


Provide a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight for Echeveria 'Blue Surprise'. Outdoor caring allows the succulent to bask in the morning sun fully. Insufficient sunlight can result in a grayish-green hue and potential stretching, leading to disappointment. We recommend placing indoor specimens near bright windows to maximize their exposure.


Optimal Temperature Range


Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' displays robust growth across a broad temperature range, thriving in temperatures between 40−95℉(5-35°C). The temperature sweet spot for triggering the stunning color change in Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' is between 50−85℉(10-28°C).

The temperature sweet spot for triggering the stunning color change in Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' is between 50−85℉(10-28°C). During these temperature ranges, the succulent undergoes a breathtaking transformation, transitioning from its standard appearance to the coveted 'Pink Surprise'.

When winter temperatures drop below 40, it's advisable to relocate Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' to an indoor plant stand or window ledge to shield it from frost. In the peak of summer, when temperatures soar to 95 or higher, there's a risk of irreversible sunburn. Employing shade cloth or other protective measures helps shield Echeveria 'Blue Surprise'


Mindful Watering Practices


The correct watering frequency isn't determined by a set time but rather by evaluating the specific care conditions and the condition of the plant. In well-ventilated and adequately lit outdoor environments, succulents can tolerate a slightly more liberal watering approach. For indoor caring, observing the state of the bottom leaves and overall plant appearance is sufficient. Softening bottom leaves and increased plant compactness are reliable signs of genuine water deficiency, prompting timely watering.

Overall, during the spring and fall growing seasons, it's advisable to water promptly upon detecting signs of dehydration. In contrast, consider extending the watering intervals during the summer and winter months, allowing the soil to maintain a predominantly dry state.


Utilize Well-Draining Soil


Echeveria 'Blue Surprise' thrives in a well-aerated and well-draining cactus soil mix. A recommended blend is a 6:4 ratio of potting soil to perlite or coarse sand. Maintaining a balanced nutrient level is crucial for small succulent plants and those intended for propagation. Adjust the ratio by slightly increasing the proportion of potting soil to provide ample nutrition for sustained growth.

Consider adding more perlite or coarse sand to the mix in regions with higher humidity and abundant rainfall. This adjustment prevents soil saturation and reduces the risk of root rot caused by excessive water accumulation.


Choose Pot Size Thoughtfully


Upon receiving a freshly ordered Echeveria 'Blue Surprise', many succulent enthusiasts eagerly anticipate transplanting it into a more aesthetically pleasing pot. For optimal growth, select a pot that is 1.5 times larger than the size of the plant. Specifically for 2-inch plants, a 2-3 inch pot is recommended. This choice ensures adequate space for root development without overwhelming the succulent. Ensure that the chosen container has proper drainage holes at the bottom.


After repotting, place the succulent in an area with indirect sunlight for a few days. Water lightly after three days, then let the soil completely dry before the next watering. Avoid letting the plant become excessively dry, ensuring the roots establish quickly. Once the root system is established, you can gradually increase direct sunlight exposure, anticipating the magnificent transformation of Echeveria 'Blue Surprise.'

How to Propagate Echeveria 'Blue Surprise'


Given the hybrid nature and inherent instability of Echeveria 'Blue Surprise,' propagation through seeds is not recommended. Instead, focus on these proven methods:

1. Leaf Propagation

2. Beheading Propagation


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