How to care for Corpuscularia lehmannii - Ice Plant

How to care for Corpuacularia lehmannii-Ice plant-The Next Gardener

Corpuscularia lehmannii, or Ice plant, is a member of the Aizoaceae family.
Due to its unique and beautiful look, which includes diamond-shaped leaves, daisy-like yellow or purple blooms that open in the spring and winter, and the fact that it is easy to maintain, Corpuscularia lehmannii is currently among the most popular succulents.

The gray-green wrap of Corpuscularia lehmannii exhibits folds in the summer heat if it is not shaded. However, it will be happy and develop swiftly in a cool, airy environment with the right amount of light and water.


Read on to learn more about caring for Corpuscularia lehmannii if you are already interested in this succulent plant but don't know how to care for the Ice plant.


Watering should be paid extra attention to while Corpuscularia lehmannii is maintained. Like many succulents, it can tolerate drought, but it cannot tolerate flooding.

In the summer, watering frequency should be limited. When the soil is completely dry, and the leaves start to wilt, it is time to water succulents. Water thoroughly until the potting soil is fully moistened, but check to ensure no water is left in the pot.


Try to keep it a little drier in the winter. You can spray water on the leaves while watering the roots to avoid water accumulation in the pot.


The succulent Corpuscularia lehmannii enjoys light a much. Therefore, allowing the Corpuscularia lehmannii to experience the full sun will cause it to grow quickly and display a beautiful color that might surprise you.

In the summer, Corpuscularia lehmannii's leaves may wrinkle due to the fast water loss brought on by intense outside sunshine. The ideal location for Corpuscularia lehmannii is where it can receive morning and evening sun. If you decide to place it in an outdoor garden, keep it in the shadow.

Despite having a name that suggests it can withstand the extreme cold in the winter—Ice plant—it cannot withstand temperatures below zero. So keep it indoors where it can get sunlight and enjoy its blossoming period.


Professional cactus soil has excellent air permeability and hungry drainage, which are perfect for the growth of succulent roots. To encourage more excellent soil drainage, add perlite to the soil if available.

Fertilizer can be applied to the soil to ensure it is fertile during the fall and winter months when Corpuscularia lehmannii is growing.

Growing succulents in well-drained cactus soil


The ideal home for succulents is ceramic or terracotta pots with drainage holes. Both materials are well breathable, making them more conducive to allowing plants to breathe in stifling environments.

Terracotta and ceramic planter pots decrease the possibility of succulents dying from overwatering or root rot since they permit air flow and water to escape. They make small resilient succulents more challenging to eradicate!


Prevention of pests and disease

The scale insect is the most damaging common pest of Corpuscularia lehmannii. You can get rid of  scale insects with diluted alcohol at a 75% concentration.

The two diseases that affect it most frequently are Leaf spot and anthrax, which are primarily found on the plant's leaves. Anthrax can be treated with 65 percent Zineb, concentrated in 600 times water, and Leaf Spot with 80 percent Mancozeb, concentrated in 400-600 times water.

Q & A:

What to do with Corpuscularia lehmannii's wrinkly leaves?

The roots of newly planted Corpuscularia lehmannii have not yet fully developed, which is why their leaves appear wrinkled. Now we need to encourage the succulent to grow roots as soon as possible. Instead of applying ''soak and dry'' watering method, the efficient way is moist the potting soil with a little water every 3 days. Provide the ice plant succulent bright and enough sunlight during this period. After the roots sprout, you can start watering it normally.

How to save overwatering succulents?

Overwatering may cause the succulents to become leggy and the leaves of the succulents to turn yellow and soft. Because of the succulent's unique propagation method: leaf, cutting, and beheading, you can cut off the top of the Corpuscularia lehmannii, dry the wound and then take cuttings. Click how to save overwatering succulents to know more details.


1. Only water the succulent when the soil dry out.
2. Move the Ice plant indoors in hot and cold weather.
3. Use cactus soil with high permeability.
4. Use planter pots made of ceramic or terracotta with drainage holes.

Caring for succulents is a long but beautiful journey. You can observe their changes, rooting, growing, and flowering. Follow The Next Gardener. Let's learn about succulent care together and experience how healing succulents are.


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