How to Make Succulent Soil (with Recipe)

Choosing suitable succulent soil is probably the only thing you need for a healthy, juicy succulent. Whether you are just starting or have been in this field for a long, the constant need for worthy, inexpensive cactus soil stays the same. Since succulent plants are native to desert areas, you need to provide them with an environment almost similar to where they originate from. And one of the primary differences between their native habitat and your place is the “Succulent Soil.”

Moreover, their thick, spongy leaves demand a good drainage soil mix that does not hold any excess water. This way, the leaves remain well-fed while the roots stay dry. And here, you have an ideal growing environment for your succulent!

Repotting succulent plants with cactus soil mix

Read on to find out the perfect recipe for an organic soil mix, that does not cost a lot, even in bulk. Make this for your succulent babies, and instantly see a visible difference in their growth.

How to make succulent soil (with recipe)


What do you need to prepare?


The best part about this recipe is the minimum amount of steps and ingredients required. While there is a lot of emphasis on the soil, in reality, succulents are incredibly non-fussy plants. As long as you provide them with loose, airy, well-draining soil, nothing can go wrong.

Here is a list of ingredients you need for that store-bought texture and quality of succulent soil. This effortless recipe is the secret to getting luscious, fleshy succulents without any worries of root rot.

  • Coconut coir- 3 cups
  • Perlite- 1 cup
  • Green zeolite- 1 cup
  • Maifanitum(3-6mm)- ½ cup
  • Vermiculite(3-6mm)- 1 cup
  • Kanuma soil- 1 cup
  • Maifanitum(1-3mm)- ½ cup
  • Vermiculite(1-3mm)- 1 cup
  • Lava rock- 1 cup
The best soil recipe

In the case of a young succulent plant, increase the amount of coconut coir to 5 cups and decrease it to 2 cups for succulent trees. The coir is light and can store moisture by drenching the roots efficiently without storing excess water. This makes coir an excellent choice when growing small plants. 

Perlite is another component enhancing the quality of drainage, directly affecting the growth of your plants. In addition, it helps keep the potting airy by preventing compactness; as a result, assisting the soil drain faster.



This one-step, hassle-free procedure is all you need to get that perfect cactus soil for your tiny plants. First, you need to mix the ingredients mentioned above in a pot, spray some water, and give it a good mix.

Make sure you mix it evenly for the best results. Another tip for healthy succulents is to grow them in a medium-sized planter pot with a hole in the bottom. The aesthetics play a crucial role in amplifying the beauty of your succulents as well, so make sure you get a pretty planter.

As fellow succulent lovers, we understand how expensive it can get changing the succulent soil frequently, especially if you have a huge collection. In this case, you can substitute it with gritty rocks and standard soil in the ratio of 7:3, which saves a lot of budget!


What happens if you use regular soil for succulents? 


The fundamental reason for using specialized organic soil mix is their fast-draining property. Since the succulent leaves store enough water for their survival, there is no need to retain moisture by the roots. Regular soil does not drain as efficiently as succulent soil, leading to water clogging and root rot.

Cactus soil mix VS Regular potting soil

Root rot is lethal when it comes to succulents. However, you can quickly eliminate the risk by using an appropriate succulent mix that is light and fast-draining. It would help if you still were mindful of your watering habits and only water the soil when the top layer is dry. 



Now that your succulent soil is ready, you are all set to plant your first succulent. If your mix is fine, there is nothing that can harm your succulents. Not only can you use this cactus soil for planting, but also for repotting. You can even make a large batch of this organic soil mix and store it for the future. First, however, you need to make sure it is appropriately stored without any danger of pest infestation. 

Even with a well-draining soil mix, you need to be mindful of the watering habits to not over-water them. Watering needs vary with the type of succulents, so read the instructions carefully and gradually decrease the watering intensity.

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