Why and How to Repot Succulents

Why and How to Repot Succulents

There are 3 occasions to remind you it is time to repot your succulents.

1. When you received new arrival succulents

Repotting new arrival succulents will help you inspect the roots of the plants, also give you a chance to get them in a more suitable pot and potting cactus soil mix to keep growing.

2. When your succulents look unhealthy even you offer them adequate light and water

If you plant your succulents in right location with right watering frequency, but they look unhealthy. It's time for you to repot your succulents and inspect if the potting soil retain too much water or too dry. Getting them out and into a more well drainage cactus soil mix will ensure its long-term health. 

3. When your succulents grow faster and the original pot can't hold them.

When succulents become root bound when they outgrow the container they are in. The plant's root system become tangled and you can see the container can't offer enough space for them to grow stronger. This is a good time to repot succulents into a large pot.

Now, we all know repotting succulents is significant. 

So How to repot succulents?


What you need to prepare:

Light-weight and well-drainaged soil mix, top dressings, a new succulent pot with drainage hole, a small shovel, a scissor, a squeeze bottle with long neck.


Let's start it!

1. Carefully remove the succulent from its original pot.
2. Remove soil from the roots by gently rinsing them.
3. Trim carefully to remove any sick or dead roots.
4. Fill 3/4 of the pot with new potting mix.
5. Dig a shallow hole for the roots and add more soil to cover them.
6. Add a layer of rocks on top of soil to decorate the succulent. Done!
7. Place the potted succulent in an airy location and water it after one week.( Succulent needs time to get stabilize in new soil.)

Click the video below and get more tips about how to plant new arrival succulents.



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