Hanging Succulents

With trailing and hanging features, these succulent plants are distinctive as potted succulents to decorate any patios and windows or add a jungle vibe to your succulent garden. Here is a list of the most beautiful hanging succulents for you.
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Cotyledon Pendens (4 inch)

-About Cotyledon Pendens- Cotyledon Pendens is also commonly known as Cliff Cotyledon. A unique trailing succulent that grows up to 2 feet (60 cm) long. The leaf surface is whitish-grey-green...

Othonna Capensis/ Ruby Necklace (4 inch)

-About Othonna Capensis Ruby Necklace-Othonna capensis, also called ''Little Pickles'' or ''Ruby Necklace'', is a trailing succulent with small green leaves that hang on stems up to 2 feet long....
String of Pearls/Senecio Rowleyanus (4 inch)

String of Pearls/Senecio Rowleyanus (4 inch)

-About Senecio Rowleyanus-Senecio Rowleyanus, also known as string of pearls/ String of beads, is a popular trailing succulent for its pendant stems, with pearl-like leaves. A fast grower which is...
String of Pearls

String of Pearls/Senecio Rowleyanus

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 -About String of Pearls/Senecio Rowleyanus-Senecio rowleyanus is a succulent plant of Compositae Senecio, also known as "String of Pearls." It is mainly spherical, with leaves measuring about 0.5 cm in...

Cotyledon Orbiculata cv. (4 inch)

-About Cotyledon orbiculata cv.-Cotyledon orbiculata cv. is a lovely rare succulent that grows into a cluster with chubby powdery leaves that look like ping pong paddles. The thick leaves have gorgerous colors...
Sedum Morganianum Burrito (4 inch)

Sedum Morganianum Burrito (4 inch)

-About Sedum morganianum Burro's tail-Sedum morganianum Burro's tail, also commonly known as donkey's tail, is a beautiful, popular, and easy-to-grow succulent with rows of fleshy, tear-drop shaped, blue-green leaves. The...

String of Dolphins/Senecio Peregrinus (4 inch)

-About String of Dolphins- String of Dolphins, also called dolphin plants, or flying Dolphins, is a rare trailing succulent that’s making waves around the world with its string-like stems that look like...

Sedum Little Missy - Variegated (4 inch)

-About the Variegated Sedum Little Missy-   Sedum Little Missy is a delicate variegated sedum succulent with tiny pale-green, pink-flushed leaves. Due to their smaller shape, they are popular as...
Cotyledon Tomentosa Variegated (4 inch)

Cotyledon Tomentosa Variegated (4 inch)

-About Cotyledon Tomentosa Variegated- Cotyledon Tomentosa Variegated, aka Variegated Bear's Paws. Unlike Bear Paw succulent, this plant features lime and white line on the paw-shaped leaves. Like Cotyledon Pendens, Bear Paw's...
Senecio Jacobsenii/ Trailing Jade (4 inch)

Senecio Jacobsenii/ Trailing Jade (4 inch)

-About Senecio Jacobsenii-Senecio Jacobsenii, also known as Trailing Jade, weeping jade, is a creeping groundcover with thick fleshy stems and fleshy, egg-shaped, green leaves. These leaves blush an attractive purple...

Callisia repens 'Pink Lady' (4 inch)

-About Callisia repens 'Pink Lady'- Callisia repens 'Pink Lady' commonly known as Pink Lady, Turtle Vine, originally from South America, is a fast-grower that stands out for its stunning pink...
Crassula Pellucida Variegata / Calico Kitten (4 inch)

Crassula Pellucida Variegata / Calico Kitten (4 inch)

-About Crassula Pellucida Variegata / Calico Kitten-The Crassula Pellucida Variegata is a pretty succulent, it is also known as Calico Kitten. The pink, green, creamy white variegate and heart-shaped leaves...