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propagate jade plant in water
Jade plant is one of the easiest succulents to propagate in water for its quick response. Have you tried rooting the jade plants in water? This guide details how to propagate Jade plant in water, let's explore it:
How to care for cotyledon pendens succulents
Cotyledon Pendens, the beautiful trailing succulent named also Cliff Cotyledon. The hanging flowers will bloom when it feels happy and smells great! Let's explore the care guide and expect to blossom:
How to care for outside succulents in winter
Winter is coming, succulents winter care is necessary for the most gardener. This guide will start with the introduction of succulent types and cover detailed succulent winter care guidance. Let's explore it.
How to care for Stapelia Scitula
Stapelia scitula is commonly known as a small starfish flower. The small soft succulent with green stems and starfish looks flower that attracts many gardening enthusiasts.