The sun is shining, which means it's time to tend to your outdoor succulent garden. Today, I want to introduce you to a type of Aeonium succulent called Aeonium 'Pink Witch'. It's a beautiful variegated Aeonium with shades of pink. They say it's a mutation of Aeonium 'Blushing Beauty', and it's fascinating how Aeonium 'Pink Witch' evolved such striking colors. Its green leaves are adorned with stripes ranging from yellow to pink, intensifying from the center outwards. Even among Aeoniums, this stunning color combination will capture your heart.


Aeonium 'Pink Witch', like most Aeoniums, forms rosettes with thin leaves that taper from broad at the top to narrow at the base, edged with soft hairs and cute pointed tips. Beyond its sweet appearance, Aeonium 'Pink Witch' reveals a resilient nature under its beauty, making it an excellent low-maintenance choice for succulent beginners. Let's explore how to care for Aeonium 'Pink Witch':

How to Care for Aeonium 'Pink Witch'


Plenty of Light


Aeonium 'Pink Witch' thrives outdoors in ample sunlight—typically, its colors transition from green to creamy white to pale pink. With stronger sunlight, the pink edges deepen, sometimes covering the creamy white completely. Remember that 'Pink Witch' is a variegated variety with less chlorophyll, making it more susceptible to sunburn. Gradually introduce it to outdoor light as spring arrives, increasing exposure. During summer dormancy and to protect its delicate leaves from scorching, consider moving Aeonium 'Pink Witch' to a shaded spot outdoors or indoors.


Optimal Temperatures


Aeoniums, like us, prefer comfortable temperatures (15-25°C) for optimal growth. In summer, if temperatures soar, move them indoors to a sunny window to preserve their sweet pink hues. In winter, protection from cold depends on your region's climate. If temperatures drop below seven °C, bring them indoors or into a greenhouse. Cold temperatures can damage 'Pink Witch' leaves and stems.


Proper Watering


The key to watering is simple: "Soak and Dry" and minimal watering during dormancy. "Soak and Dry" requires little skill; experienced gardeners can water 'Pink Witch' like other succulents. Beginners can test soil moisture with fingers or tools; water when the soil is dry, and the pot feels light. During dormancy in summer, when leaves curl inward, resist the urge to water. They're conserving moisture for safety. Every 20 days in cool weather, give 'Pink Witch' a light watering.


Soil and Potting


Like most succulents, Aeonium 'Pink Witch' thrives in well-draining, airy soil. However, because Aeoniums have slow-growing roots, it's best not to add too much perlite to the soil. I recommend mixing perlite and succulent potting soil in a 1:1 ratio. This blend provides drainage and nutrients, promoting rapid root growth for Aeonium 'Pink Witch'.

Choose tall or tapered pots for Aeonium 'Pink Witch' to showcase its unique form. Avoid burying the stem too deep in moist soil when planting to prevent rotting.


Common Issues


Luckily, Aeonium 'Pink Witch' rarely suffers from pests; the main concern is leaf drop due to root rot, usually caused by overwatering or excessive rain. It's natural for lower leaves to wither and drop as the plant grows. If you notice excessive leaf loss, consider beheading to propagate a new plant (see propagation guide below).

How to Propagate Aeonium 'Pink Witch'


Propagating Aeonium 'Pink Witch' is a fun process. Here's a simple guide if you haven't tried it yet:

For Aeonium 'Pink Witch', beheading is the preferred method due to its delicate leaves, which make leaf propagation challenging.

You'll Need: A multi-headed Aeonium 'Pink Witch', sharp scissors, a pot, and soil.

Sterilize the scissors, then cut the Aeonium stem about 1 cm below the rosette.

Let the cutting dry, allowing the wound to turn white before planting.

Gently plant in prepared soil.

Lightly water after about a week, once roots start forming (you'll feel resistance when gently pulling).

Continue regular care as mentioned earlier.




How do I get a multi-headed Aeonium 'Pink Witch'?


The easiest way is to purchase Aeonium 'Pink Witch'. You can also encourage multi-headed growth by removing middle leaves to redistribute nutrients. Soon, you'll see new pups emerging, eventually forming a stunning bouquet-like shape.


How do I help Aeonium 'Pink Witch' root quickly or recover from repotting?


After repotting, place your Aeonium in a shallow tray filled with water (about 1/4 the height of the pot) for about 7 days. This encourages root growth and revitalizes the plant.

How can I tell when Aeonium is dormant?


Look for curled-up leaves indicating dormancy. As it awakens, leaves gradually unfurl and new growth emerges.




Caring for Aeonium 'Pink Witch' can be a delightful journey for succulent enthusiasts. With these insights and guidelines, may your Aeonium 'Pink Witch' flourish and continue to enchant for seasons. Happy gardening!

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