How to Make Succulents Into Multiple Heads

When it comes to nature's hardy and most efficient plants that don't need much care and time, succulents win the race. These are the plants that don't need much time to be looked after and thrive well. They tend to become the center of attraction wherever they are grown or placed. Another feature that differentiates them is the easiness of propagating them to make them into multiple heads.

So follow this guide to learn how to make succulent plants into multiple heads.

Image Credit: YouTube@Angel'sGroveGardening

How To Do It?

If you want to make your succulent plant into multiple heads, you have to be a little bit cruel to them. However, you can make your succulent into multiple heads by removing the top leaves and propagating them to produce the new succulent.

     1. Take a sharp and clean knife and cut off the head with leaves left on the stem.

Image Credit: YouTube@Angel'sGroveGardening

     2. Check for the presence of any diseases. If it is dark, it will be a sign of some disease and weakness. So don't use this stem and go for the other stem.

Image Credit: YouTube@Angel'sGroveGardening

     3. Place the head and the mother succulent in an airy place to allow them callus.

     4. After the callus formation, you can stick the head part into the succulent soil and treat it like a mature succulent.

     5. The new succulents will start to emerge from the cut ends of the leaves and grow into the new viable succulents. 

When To Do It?

  1. The best time to do it is during the growing season, as the succulents are out of their dormant state and growing very actively.
  2. When you want to maintain the shape of the succulents. As some succulents will grow long stems and become hanging succulents. If you want to maintain the rosette shape, cut off some heads and do propagation is highly recommended.
  3. Promote the side growth of succulents. If you need a crowded pot of succulents to meet your projects or your preference. The multi-head succulents-making method is ideal for you.



You can behead your succulents like Echeveria very quickly. You can propagate your plant and make succulents into multiple heads through beheading. So, get up and start beheading your succulent with this easy guide. 

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