Beautiful succulents are like color therapy, doubling as vibrant decorations during winter holidays to inject more hues and joy into the quiet winter days. We highly recommend choosing succulents over fresh flowers when crafting holiday decor – their low maintenance and simple care ensure these succulent centerpieces bring you surprises all winter.

This blog offers you 15 creative ideas for succulent centerpieces that are both simple and beautiful. Let's dive in and create together!

1. Succulent Cupcake Stand


A vertical succulent cupcake stand centerpiece is perfect for smaller tables, farmhouse-style decor, or tabletop arrangements on the patio. Arrange succulents in layers to create a three-dimensional structure, adding depth to your tabletop space.



  • 1. Prepare a cupcake stand and layer the bottom with succulent soil or moss.

  • 2. Plant 4-inch succulents in the base layer and fill the gaps with more miniature succulents, accommodating their growth.

  • 3. Hang trailing succulents on the second layer and place upright-growing succulents on the third layer.

  • 4. Cover the surface with a top-dressing layer to secure the plants and conceal the soil.

2. Succulent Wreath Candelabra


If you already have a festive wreath, consider crafting a succulent wreath tabletop centerpiece. The perfect combination of the wreath and candles adds a touch of whimsy to an empty table.



Creating a succulent wreath might be a small challenge. You can follow the steps in the illustration below to complete the process. 

3. Natural Wood Succulent Centerpiece


Creating a log succulent centerpiece is the best way to blend succulents with nature. This is an economical and artistic way to craft a visually appealing centerpiece.



  • 1. Simply clean and sand the logs you've found. Lay some moss in the areas where you want to place the succulents.
  • 2. Use glue to secure each succulent onto the wood one by one until the overall arrangement meets your expectations.
  • 3. If you're concerned about the plants' survival, fret not. Regularly moisten the moss.

4. Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece


This is one of the most common centerpieces, combining the easy-to-preserve qualities of both pumpkins and succulents. The result is a lively, vibrant, and beautiful decorative piece.


  • ● Several pumpkins of varying sizes, depending on your table size
  • ● Abundant succulent cuttings
  • ● Moss
  • ● Glue


  • 1. Select one large pumpkin and 2-3 smaller ones to add richness to your tabletop arrangement.
  • 2. Cover the top of the pumpkins with moss and secure it with glue. Attach succulent cuttings to the moss by gluing them in place, creating the desired shapes.
  • 3. Once completed, place the centerpiece on your table and enhance it with decorative items like pinecones.

5. Succulent Table


This is undeniably a creatively enriched table where the succulent centerpiece can continue to grow in the middle. You can witness the seasonal changes of succulents on the tabletop throughout the year, making it exceptionally meaningful.



  • 1. Begin by cutting out the center of the tabletop, creating space for planting succulents.
  • 2. Install a wooden box underneath the table to hold the soil.
  • 3. Once everything is in place, fill the box with soil and plant 2-inch or 4-inch succulents.
  • 4. Finish off with a layer of beautiful top dressing for decoration.
  • 5. Considering watering, this setup is suitable for installation in an outdoor courtyard.

6. Potted Succulent Centerpiece


Potted succulents or cacti undoubtedly make for the simplest centerpiece. Arrange pots of various sizes in the center of the table, and consider complementing them with some leaves or a small bouquet.


  • ● Coordinating tone/ material planter pots
  • ● Potted succulent plants
  • ● Other festive decorations


  • 1. Select succulent pots that match your decor style, such as clay pots for a rustic farmhouse vibe or white ceramic pots for a modern look.
  • 2. Repot the succulents into the chosen pots and arrange them based on size and height. These plants can continue growing in the pots after placement.

7. Succulent and Glass Terrariums


The elegance of glass containers, paired with the vibrant hues of succulents, is an indisputable choice for a centerpiece decoration.


  • ● Glass containers
  • ● Succulent plants
  • ● Moss or granular soil


  • 1. Choose a container in your preferred shape and color.
  • 2. Place a small amount of moss or granular soil at the bottom, then gently position the succulents.
  • 3. The transparent glass Terrariums allow you to appreciate the beauty of the succulents, especially when paired with candles casting a lovely glow on the glass.

8. Succulent Bowl Centerpiece


Create a succulent arrangement using a medium to large-sized bowl-shaped container, perfect for indoor and outdoor tabletop decoration. You might need more plants and some styling skills – read on for details.



  • 1. Utilize a medium to large-sized shallow bowl to create a succulent arrangement suitable for indoor and outdoor tabletop decoration.
  • 2. Use succulents with roots and soil for easy stacking.
  • 3. Refer to the illustration for guidance.

9. Succulent Moss and Rocks


We can even create a centerpiece using succulents without any containers. It sits right on the tabletop, becoming an intriguing conversation piece among friends.


  • ● Succulent cuttings
  • ● Moss
  • ● Rocks or crystals


Spread moss across the table's center and arrange succulent cuttings and crystals scattered on top of the moss.

10. Succulent Moss and Candle


Various styles of candle holders are common choices for tabletop centerpieces. Consider adding some succulents for embellishment. It adds a layer of richness to the entire setup.


  • ● Candleholder
  • ● Succulent cuttings
  • ● Moss or leaves


Set up the candle holder and place moss and succulent cuttings around or between candles to add richness to the setup.

11. Wine Glass Succulents


Every household likely has some unused wine glass or cup. Instead of letting them gather dust, why not repurpose them into a simple succulent arrangement for festive centerpieces?



Succulents correspond to the cup sizes and arrange them on the tabletop based on the different cup shapes. It's an excellent way to repurpose unused cups for a simple succulent display as a festive centerpiece.

12. Wooden Box Succulent Arrangement


A common sight is wooden box planters paired with fresh flowers as centerpieces. Why not swap the flowers for succulents?


  • ● Wooden box planter
  • ● Succulent plants
  • ● Moss
  • ● Leaves


Spread moss in the box, arrange succulent plants, and fill gaps with leaves.

13. Succulent Christmas Tree


With Christmas approaching, is your Christmas tree ready? I'm talking about a succulent centerpiece Christmas tree.


  • ● Pot base
  • ● Triangular metal frame or floral foam
  • ● Succulent cuttings or plugs
  • ● Glue


  • 1. Construct the basic shape of the Christmas tree using the materials.
  • 2. Secure succulents with glue from the base, gradually decreasing plant size for an adorable succulent Christmas tree centerpiece.

14. Wood Slices Succulent Arrangement


This creative piece combines wood, branches, hanging glass containers, and succulents. It exudes an artistic and atmospheric vibe.


  • ● Wooden blocks
  • ● Branches
  • ● Hanging glass containers
  • ● Succulent plants
  • ● Moss


Secure branches on wooden blocks, add a layer of moss, and place succulents. Place mini succulents in hanging glass containers, ideally suspending them from the branches.

15. Galvanized Succulent Platter


Galvanized containers paired with dried, fresh, and succulents are a common and delightful combination.



  • 1. The pot comes filled with a succulent mix.
  • 2. Plant the pre-prepared plants, arranging approximately 4-inch succulents in the center and filling the sides and gaps with succulent cuttings as supplements.

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